WholesaleBackup provides online backup software for backup professionals, leveraging a next-generation architecture, and set apart by clear design goals focused on high performance and low Total Cost of Ownership. Because WholesaleBackup is driven by ten years of experience running an online backup business targeted towards business customers, we have unique visibility into the problems that online backup providers face, and have applied our business and technical experience to providing solutions that work in the real world.

Product Overview


There are many ways to deploy WholesaleBackup, but in its simplest fashion, a backup server is deployed with storage adequate to hold the backup data. Each client that will back up to the server will run the WholesaleBackup client software, which will securely connect to the server and transmit the data.

The backup server uses a lightweight service running on Microsoft Windows and a simple to use and learn user interface for monitoring and managing clients.

The communications with the server is on a secure https connection and all data and commands are encrypted with AES-256 encryption, one of the most secure and trusted secure communications methods available, and widely in use by government agencies and other security-conscious organizations. WholesaleBackup adds self-tuning, compression, and differentials to speed data transfer without requiring manual intervention.

The WholesaleBackup Online Backup Client installs on Windows machines, and provides a simple interface and focuses on fast installation and configuration to enable end-users to self-deploy in minutes. The client can backup very large datasets (2+ million files), has a very low memory and processor footprint, and is built to take on your branding from the outset.