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WholesaleBackup white label brandable online backup software products for Servers, Desktops and Cloud

WholesaleBackup Online Backup Platform focuses on simple setup and operation, total reliability, and easy management for lower total cost of ownership. By leveraging proven technologies that have been long established in the marketplace and that are currently state-of-the-art, WholesaleBackup is able to provide a reliable, secure, and extensible platform.

WholesaleBackup can be installed on your Windows server infrastructure, whether real or virtual. By using proven technologies, we give our customers the best uptime, and the most reliable technology in the industry.

WholesaleBackup provides online backup software for backup professionals, leveraging a next-generation architecture, and set apart by clear design goals focused on high performance and low Total Cost of Ownership. Because WholesaleBackup is driven by ten years of experience running an online backup business targeted towards business customers, we have unique visibility into the problems that online backup providers face, and have applied our business and technical experience to providing solutions that work in the real world.