WholesaleBackup Backup Ops Web Console™

The Web Console & Backup Management Dashboard serves as part of our Cloud Model backup solution in partnership with the WholesaleBackup Client™  and the WholesaleBackup Cloud Storage options, providing you with another modern approach to operating your backup business through a web browser.

The Web Console Makes It Easier To Manage Your Backup Service

  • Manage and monitor all of your backup accounts in one place from the Web Console
  • Free USA based support if you ever need it

  • Free branding of the software and Backup Clients with your logo

  • Free software upgrades

  • Month to month agreements

  • At-a-glance detailed account overview

  • Provision user account

  • Build and modify your custom branded white label backup clients in your Backup Management Web Console

backup management web console

The Web Console and Backup Management Dashboard

Pulls together the most important aspects of your backup service business under one roof, making it the command station and go-to place for anything you need.

Starting with your brands,  you can have as many brands as you like. Feel free to create custom brands for your own customers. We reserve each brand name for you once it is created. No one else on our platform is allowed to build a brand with the same name as yours.

Web Console Features

  • Easily drill down on account data

  • Search, sort and filter the views the way that works best for you

  • Generate custom reports

  • Simplified account management, switch users status at the flick of switch from trials status to active or disable.

  • View storage history and generate reports

  • Manage the backup selection options from the console

  • Inspect the backup vaults at-a-glance

  • Setup backup summary emails with custom delivery times using your own email settings

backup ops web console remote manager

Try the Backup Ops Web Console – Remote Manager

The Storage View of the Web Console is a billing interface

It provides all of the information that resellers need to bill customers. You can see statistics for each computer under each backup account across all of your different brands.

If you have multiple brands installed on the same computer then the computer will have an entry in the table for each different account or brand it is using.

Remotely monitor and manage the backup agent, inspect logs, and make configuration changes.

Remotely manage accounts backup settings from the web console

Remotely manage accounts backup settings from the Web Console

Web Console Helps You Offer A Top-Notch Customer Experience

  • The interface provides you with a brand selector

  • A column selector to filter the views

  • Also includes an export selector for generating reports in various formats like JSON, XML, CSV, TXT, SQL and Excel. Great for importing into your billing software making invoicing easy.

  • Clicking on any row in the Transfers area brings up the troubleshooting details pane that provides many helpful features, the panel is color coded to correspond with the status of the operation.

  • The troubleshooting details tab includes the Messages, Selections, Vaults and Contact sections all relevant for when you are working on a situation

  • View Logs, Edit the client initialization and  selections files which are associated with each backup connection, so you can easily view the logs, edit the settings and change the scope of the file selection.