WholesaleBackup macOS Backup Client™

The brandable macOS Client works in concert with the WholesaleBackup Server™ or the WholesaleBackup Cloud Storage options, to backup and protect important business data and files from computers using macOS Apple Operating Systems (supported from ver 10.13 +)

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Deployment is quick & simple with our macOS white label backup client

In stark contrast to other backup clients that require a 3-day training course before you can even do an install, WholesaleBackup’s macOS Backup Client™ is simple to use. We focus on using technology to make things easier for you at every turn. We call this feature the “zero-config install” which means that most of the installation and tuning choices are built into the installer and client, so you can simply install, register the new account, and choose additional data to backup.

  • Lower cost of deployment
  • Self-service end-user installs
  • Pre-configured dynamic selections automatically selects documents, SQL Server, Exchange etc.
  • Dynamic Filtering using Regular Expressions
  • Self-configuring schedule, auto-tuning for performance
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macOS backup client safe secure incremental backup software

We just don’t believe that the more buttons, the better the software!

Others add every imaginable feature and switch, year-after-year, resulting in software that’s so complicated that there are 3-day courses you need to take before the first click! Because ease-of-use was a primary design goal, you can enjoy lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and therefore higher profits. Since simplicity and reliability are key design goals, we continually add features, but simplify the user experience as we add those features so as the software gets more powerful, it doesn’t become unwieldy and thus expensive to own and operate.

macOS Backup Client Features

  • Free USA based support team
  • Intelligent De-Dupping
  • PCI DSS & HIPAA Secure & Standards compliant
  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • Retention & Versioning
  • Two free local backup vaults
  • Differential Backup
  • Backup directly to AWS S3

  • Backup directly to Google GCP

  • Backup directly to Wasabi Cloud Storage

  • Backup directly to your own Self-Hosted Server


PCI DSS and HIPAA Compliant online backup

The WholesaleBackup macOS Online Backup Client for Apple is unique in facilitating regulatory compliance for such strict standards such as PCI DSS and HIPAA, and because it can handle backup sets with millions of files, you can sell to a larger audience and increase your profits


The macOS white label backup client offers extreme reliability

  • Intelligent compression and differential engine
  • Instant restore
  • Made for OEM through higher perceived value through use of your brand
  • Larger addressable market (You can backup 1m+ files from a machine) so you can sell online backup to more and larger clients
  • State of the art filtering and selection options, a filter is worth a thousand clicks.
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