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33 Reasons We’re Your CrashPlan Alternative & Server Backup Solution

Here we'll quickly cover the the two big problems many CrashPlan users are facing today and share: 33 reasons why WholesaleBackup is your best Crashplan Alternative and Server Backup Solution As you may have heard there's been some big changes with Code42 [...]

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5 Questions You Must Answer When Choosing a White Label Backup Software

When searching for a white label backup platform there are many considerations to take into account You really want to ensure you are selection the most suitable option for your endeavor. Whether you are extending your existing services by adding white label [...]

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LogMeIn Backup Alternative from WholesaleBackup (Free Trial)

List of Windows Operating Systems not supported by LogMeInBackup LogMeIn Backup not Supporting Windows 8, Windows 10, or Server 2012 If you’re using LogMeIn Backup currently then you’re likely aware they are not going to be supporting the latest [...]

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White Label Online and Cloud Backup Software

WholesaleBackup Online Backup Platform focuses on simple setup and operation, total reliability, and easy management for lower total cost of ownership. By leveraging proven technologies that have been long established in the marketplace and that are currently state-of-the-art, WholesaleBackup is able to provide [...]

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