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Information about the WholesaleBackup Windows Server Backup Platform

33 Reasons We’re Your CrashPlan Alternative & Server Backup Solution

Here we'll quickly cover the two big problems many CrashPlan users are facing today and share:33 reasons why WholesaleBackup is your best Crashplan Alternative and Server Backup SolutionAs you may have heard there have been some big changes with Code42 aka CrashPlan as [...]

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How to launch first backup to your WholesaleBackup Azure Backup Server

Next step after installing and setting up your own white label backup service with a WholesaleBackup Microsoft Azure Backup Server is starting the first backup In this post we'll cover the very last step of the guide: How to deploy offsite [...]

By |2018-02-07T17:56:11+00:00January 12th, 2018|

How to deploy a branded offsite backup service on Azure 12 step guide

Are you ready to launch your own white label backup service using a WholesaleBackup Microsoft Azure Backup Server Here we'll cover everything you need to launch your own offsite backup and recovery service using the awesome power of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. [...]

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WholesaleBackup Server Release (New Server Dashboard Graphs)

New features have been released for the WholesaleBackup Windows Servers, the update was packaged and released on 04.24.2017. New Server (Dashboard) Tab A new Server (dashboard) tab appears in the WholesaleBackup Server UI, providing sets of different graphs and metrics giving you a nice high [...]

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