White Label Backup Client Download Links Upgraded that connect to Windows Servers, Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Platform Backends

The WholesaleBackup Support team wants you to know we’ve made a change to enhance the security of our Backup Client software downloads.

To that end we will be retiring the FTP download area by Thursday 12/22/2016, and all channel partners will access their software using an HTTP protocol going forward.

WholesaleBackup has already implemented the change, which means that any new backup clients generated or downloaded from the Web Console https://dash.backupops.com will automatically be using the new protocol (HTTP).

We have already sent an email to all of our partners that includes the upgraded download link. Please note backup services will continue to run with no changes needed.

For you the change is very simple and straightforward:

1.) Use this new updated backup client download link format example going forward starting today:


Where ‘mybrand’ is replaced with your brand name

e.g. Using the the DivinsaCloud brand:

2.) If you have posted the previous client download link on your website or other areas, please replace it with the update link format above.

Any questions just reach out to support@wholesalebackup.com or 800-624-9561 x102