You can speed up the deployment and rollout of your endpoints by using any of the following features available to your MSP backup software. 1.) Silent installs: where the endpoint executable e.g YourMSPBackupSoftware.exe is able to run in the background without displaying any prompts or dialogs to your users. You would have a setup script that runs with it to handle the account and key generation. Once installed on the OS you can start managing the client from your Backup Ops web console remotely. 2.) Global user account and password: This option allows you to deploy every endpoint using the same account and key, this way each computer is the unique object, and you as the MSP administrator have the option to restore data from any of your clients since they are linked through the global account and key. This simplifies management and recovery especially when you have the endpoints locked down so users are not interacting with them, which WholesalBackup also offers. 3.) Streamline and automate backup software deployments with your favorite RMM console.