Free Backups from two local storage vaults

Free Backups from two local storage vaults diagram

You get two free local backup vaults for fast restores

WholesaleBackup provides free local backups and restores allowing for very rapid restorations at local LAN speeds. When activated, our software will first look in a local encrypted file vault at restoration time and if the file is there, restore from there, and if not then download it over the Internet from the remote backup server.

WholesaleBackup allows you to backup to two local backup vaults (whether on local drive, network share, or external device such as a USB drive). One of the vaults is your local backup/restore vault and the other is intended for offsite rotation.

Seeding Local Backups and Restores using Onsite Devices

Using our software client one can perform a full ‘seed’ backup to local media and then transport the encrypted files to your backup server and populating them there, or one can create a dedicated portable backup server to take onto client sites.

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