Building a Robust Windows Backup Server: A Comprehensive Guide

Taking the leap to create your self-hosted Windows Backup Server? The benefits of self-hosting your backups are immense. With WholesaleBackup’s Windows Backup Server software, you can begin this journey seamlessly and efficiently.

To get started, create a trial account and select the “Self-Hosted Windows Server” Option. Then  follow the prompts.

computer backing up and recovering files from windows backup server

Why Opt for a Self-Hosted Backup Server?

A self-hosted backup server becomes an encrypted fortress for your clients’ pivotal business data. You can easily scale this data vault by integrating more hard drives as required. What sets the Self-Hosted Windows Backup Server apart is its user-friendly interface that enables swift server-side data restores, either directly to a client or onto a new hardware.

file backup and recovery from Windows Backup Server

Customize Your Data Backup & Recovery

By utilizing WholesaleBackup’s software, you can deploy a tailor-made online backup client, flaunting your brand’s logo and essential details. This backup client continuously monitors changes, backing up new data incrementally to the Windows Backup Server. You can also configure a local backup repository for enhanced redundancy.

incremental differential file backup