How Do I Sell My Online Backup Service Against Cheaper Competition?

WholesaleBackup Resellers ask us this question all the time, and it’s a valid concern with tons of cheap products out there for all to see. Here’s the approach we take so feel free to include these concepts into your own sales/marketing practices:

  • Focus on Support and Service

Quite simply this is the most important idea you can adapt and master when selling against cheap commodity backup products. Your customer needs to believe that they will receive a level of personal support and service from your team that the other guys cannot match, period.

If a customer wonders why they should pay more for your backup service just ask these questions:

1. Do they want to exchange email over several days with someone overseas to get help, or would they prefer to call you and get live assistance?

2. Can a cheap commodity product like Mozy/Carbonite restore customer data locally from their host server and drive it over to a customer ASAP like you can?

3. Does your client want to take responsibility for monitoring/managing their own nightly offsite backups, or would they prefer a professional like you is watching over their data security?

4. Does your customer want the hassle of having to reach out to their backup provider every time there is a problem, or would they prefer a pro-active support team that notifies them if issues arise that needs to be resolved?

Your ability to provide personal service is the #1 differentiator against low cost/high-risk backups, so emphasize it over and over. It cannot be overstated how important this is, especially to business owners. Support sells so use it to your advantage.

  • Focus on Feature Gaps

This is probably obvious, but there are many basic features you will be able to provide as a WholesaleBackup Reseller that the cheap competition cannot. For example:

  • Ability to backup servers
  • Ability to backup SQL/Exchange
  • Ability to encrypt/compress/de-dupe
  • Ability to backup HIPAA compliant patient files
  • Ability to backup PCI compliant files like credit card numbers
  • Non-throttled backups/restores
  • Seeded backups for large data – Server side restores for large data

The list goes on but the basic premise here is to make sure the customer understand any cheap service under consideration is likely not close in quality, robustness, or compliance as your WholesaleBackup solution. End-users often don’t realize they aren’t comparing apples to apples, so it’s critical you help educate them.

  • Focus on Quality and Risk

At the end of the day online backup solutions are about reducing risk. Risk of losing vital business data,  risk of getting files corrupted, risk of going out of business altogether due to a catastrophic failure. If a customer is going to spend the least amount possible then they will get the very least amount of protection. This is a basic truth.

So set up your customers with a free trial of your branded service, back up their mission-critical data, and then show them how easy it is to restore it. Walk them through how you will eliminate the human point-of-failure, and demonstrate how spending a few dollars extra each month can safeguard their business.

You won’t win over every customer using these tips, especially if they are determined to spend the absolute least amount possible and to be honest some folks need to learn the hard way first. But you will win some, and those will be the clients who value a high-quality solution with personal support.

It can be competitive out there, so feel free to contact us anytime if you want to discuss selling strategies. We’re always happy to provide guidance to our resellers based on our 10 years of selling online backup service.

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