We’ve recently conducted a survey of our channel network and have found a surprising number of our resellers are running old versions of our software

We are continually working to improve the WholesaleBackup solution, and always provide free upgrades to all our customers.
The latest client and server release (version contain urgent security enhancements and bug fixes, performance improvements, and provide new features including the ability to backup to Amazon S3 as well as the ability for you to manage your clients from our new web console (in addition to managing them from your Windows Server), which just entered beta last week.
Please perform the following upgrade now, it will take less then 5 minutes:
1. Open the WholesaleBackup Server GUI application on your Windows server and upgrade when prompted.
2. While you have the WholesaleBackup Server GUI open, go to the Dashboard->Accounts tab and click on the button called “Upgrade Every Client’s Software” so that your clients will download, and subsequently upgrade to, release (or newer) when they next connect.
If you require technical assistance or would like to participate in the web console beta please contact support@wholesalebackup.com -or- (800) 624-9561 x102 (for international please call +1-253-549-7990 x102)