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Launch a Self-Hosted Online Backup Server in 5 minutes

Use WholesaleBackup Online Backup Software To Run Your Private Labeled Online Backup Services Instantly

Only $150 per Month for a Complete Turn-Key White Label Online Backup Windows Server Platform With Included USA Support

Build Your Own Self-Hosted Windows Backup Server at Home, at Your Office or in the Cloud Using Services Like AWS or Azure

Create Custom Branded Backup Clients & Offer Online Backup Service

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install Windows Server backup software for online backup and recovery services

Yes, You Can Backup Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, and More With No Addition Costs

Backup Microsoft Exchange with white label server backup software
Backup Microsoft SQL with self hosted online server backup platform
Backup Microsoft Outlook using WholesaleBackup

WholesaleBackup provides you with an extremely high-value Self Hosted “Online Server Backup” Platform that has earned the trust of many Backup Resellers (our Partners). Brand our White Label Backup Software with your company, no co-branding – we understand it is vital to keep your company visible with your customers, the process is simple and easy. We specialize in building Online Backup Software for Windows Servers that you can deploy in your own datacenter, office, or use cloud services like AWS and Microsoft Azure to launch your own Windows backup server. We also include full support for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL, and Bare Metal Restores at no additional charge.

5 Questions to Answer When Choosing Your

White Label Offsite Backup Service

white label backup client connects to your Windows backup server platform

Use your own datacenter or hosted Windows Servers on AWS or Azure and simply install our online server backup platform

Your deployed private labeled backup clients connect to the Windows backup server platform using via HTTPS / SSL sending encrypting blocks


Unlimited stellar USA based support


Simple month to month subscription


Advanced backup retention and versioning settings


Bare Metal Restore (BRM) disk imaging included at no additional charge


Create unlimited backup brands that incrementally backup your Windows backup server


100% fully PCI & HIPAA regulatory compliant for secure safe data backup and restores


Multi-tenant backup management web console included with online backup server platform


Data deduplication is performed every backup optimizing storage capacity on the Windows backup server


Get continuous software upgrades with your subscription

Manage All of Your Deployed Endpoints From the Self-Hosted Backup Server Monitoring Dashboard or the Backup Ops Web Console

All of the WholesaleBackup software platforms are designed for demanding online backup deployments including environments subject to complex regulatory compliance such as:

  • Financial services: NASD 3010 and 3110, SEC 17a-3 & 17a-4, GLBA
  • Health care: HIPAA, Public Law 104-191
  • Publicly traded companies: Sarbanes-Oxley 802(a)(1) & 802(a)(2), NASD 3510, 3520
  • All companies: PCI DSS (credit-card protection)
  • Your Microsoft Windows server(s) will be treated as simple storage devices requiring no special processing power or resource-intensive software.

WholesaleBackup Server is simple, secure, and lightweight. Installing and configuring this software takes just a few minutes, and as you’ll soon see, the Server is extremely easy to use. All communication to the server from the outside world uses 128-bit encrypted HTTPS tunnels. In addition, sensitive data, including your customer’s files, are passed to and from backup clients, and stored on backup servers, using 256-bit AES encryption. Lastly, the Server software is very small (approximately 2MB) and uses few system resources, including RAM.

With WholesaleBackup online backup server software, all you need to do in order to make your own backup server is, download and run our backup server. Fill out the general configuration settings such as which FQDN (fully qualified domain name ie: and Port if needed. Then proceed to building your backup clients that will be provisioned to connect to your new online backup server software.

self hosted Window Server backup software platform
self hosted Windows backup server for private label backup services

The backup clients have the option to store backup data locally also, which means you will have two backup vaults one on the client side and one on the backup server. This helps to build in an additional layer of security to assist during time when a restore is required. Restore data directly from your server backup software or restore data locally from the backup client. The backups use block level file compression and encryption to securely transport the data.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Online Server Backup Platform From WholesaleBackup

Can I self-host the online server backup platform?2022-10-05T01:37:02+00:00

Yes, the Self-Hosted Online Backup Server is engineered to be installed and run on any mainstream Windows Server operating systems releases, such as Server 2012, Server 2016, Server 2019, and Server 2022. It’s most commonly used by MSPs, backup service providers, resellers, and IT Pros, who are managing their own servers and self-hosting their customers’ offsite data backups. The setup is scalable allowing you to increase more “of your own” storage incrementally as your data needs grow. 

How do I backup Microsoft Exchange business server with the backup software?2022-10-05T01:32:28+00:00

The online server backup software allows you to back up Microsoft-based business servers like Exchange. You can simply add the Exchange .EDB file to the backup selections, alternatively you can select the corresponding Microsoft Exchange Writer from the VSS System Components selections interface of the GUI.

How do I backup Microsoft SQL business server with the backup software?2022-10-05T01:35:20+00:00

Backing up Microsoft SQL databases for backup is simple. You can manually select the .MDF and .LDF database files, the online server backup client will automatically use the SQL Server VSS writer to back up the databases. You can also open the client, and select it from the VSS System Components using the GUI.

How does the remote backup software work?2022-10-05T02:39:03+00:00

The backup software will be branded by [you] the backup service provider and be deployed onto your customers’ server. The backup software runs as an agent on the system performing scheduled or continuous, encrypted, deduplicated data backups. The data will be sent to your self-hosted backup server using your own storage. The deployed server backup software can be remotely controlled and interacted with through your online backup server’s dashboard or the WholesaleBackup web console.

What are some of the top features about the online server backup software?2022-10-05T01:30:32+00:00

The backup software can be used in a variety of deployment scenarios due to the fact that it meets strict security, and compliance requirements, such as PCI & HIPAA regulations. The data is fully encrypted during transit and stored in the vault. Fast – the backup software is multithreaded and able to process large batches of changed data effortlessly. Low overhead – the backup software will run in the background and not lock up the system or drain all of its resources. Fully branded – the customer will only be seeing your company’s branding. Included local backup – you have the option to add additional layers of protection on-site by enabling a local backup vault.

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