Everything is connected to everything.

“Cyberspace is a mix of technology and people and critical processes. Everything is connected to everything. For those who think they’ve got an offline system or some barrier firewall, some protection that holds them harmless, their hearts are generally broken. 

It’s not possible to secure this space. Why? Because you want to connect to transactions, to people who essentially generate revenue for your companies or hostile entities that you want to do business with, even in a diplomatic realm. The very fact that you’re connecting to them makes it such that you’re taking risk, by design.

So the goal of trying to find a way to make this statically, enduringly secure—we need to give up on that. We need to presume breach. We need to presume that these things are deficient by design and defend them accordingly. It is possible to do that, but it requires a fundamentally different approach to cyberspace.” – Chris Inglis, Former Deputy Director of the NSA, as quoted in an interview with the Wall Street Journal this week.
These sobering thoughts should resonate with all of us, not only for how to approach securing networks but also how to insure data recovery from data loss.  Getting every computer’s data backed up off of it’s network, with a product such as WholesaleBackup, is a must.  As Andy Grove once said, “Only the paranoid survive.”