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Prepare with an offsite backup solution

Prepare and plan to get attacked and infected by ransomware, so when it happens you’ll be ready 

The truth is we can’t stop every ransomware infection. Sooner or later it will hit and that’s okay, don’t pay the ransom. Just use reliable offsite backup software, and recovery gracefully. Offsite backup service is still the single most effective method for data loss prevention and maintaining business continuity, be sure to use it, so when something happens to your customer’s critical business data -they are covered. The daily persistence of ransomware attacks shows the true value of an offsite backup solution compared to being held hostage for a ransom like so many other unfortunate companies who have no other choice.

use a wholesalebackup offsite backup software to save your customers data

Your branded offsite backup solution is the best option against ransomware

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If data is not backing up Offsite it’s not really protected from ransomware. Don’t let anyone become a victim to data loss ever again.

Protect with offsite backup service

On-premise data backups are a great start, and we highly recommend using one as they provide a faster way to recover data, however, the nature of ransomware is to scan your data, files, and backups and encrypt them at a rapid rate, rendering your on-premise data backups useless during a time of need. Luckily with offsite backup software, the data is already encrypted by your offsite backup service and sent securely to the cloud or server vault, the ransomware virus cannot spread to this location and ruin the backup data offsite.

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Restore & recover data safely using offsite backup solutions hosted in the cloud or on your server

Recover with offsite backup software

Data recovery from a ransomware infection is something we and our Partners help customers with daily. We hear and read about what happens to some people who had an offsite backup solution in place, the problem was they never actually tested to recovery process; when they did it was too late. Realizing all-too-late something was misconfigured or that the offsite backup software was not capable of getting the correct data needed. The other thing that happens is that there was no integrity checking of the data, this is where the deep checking happens with the offsite backup service, ensuring all the data is actually on disk and not written to a bad sector, or just completely missing in action. WholesaleBackup calls this a rigorous sync check and we can’t emphasize this feature enough, since hardware alone is not completely reliable. We actually build this feature defaulted to ‘on’ into our AWS S3 and Google (GCP), and Wasabi offsite backup solutions so it’s already happening on every backup cycle.

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vanguard bulldog technologies

We were able to quickly restore our clients data without any issues using their last good backup – saving them from total data loss and stopping their business!

Joe Massa - IT Administrator, BullDog Technologies (Vanguard Systems)

Encrypted and Securely Transmitted w/ Offsite Backup Software


Data is super secure using military grade encryption and securely transported offsite in chunks via HTTPS channels.

Included Speedy Local Vault

backup data offsite

All backup solutions include a speedy local onsite & offsite backup vault at no additional charge, we encourage everyone to have more than one backup location.

Secure Offsite Backup Vault


The secure offsite vault is hosted on your own server, or you can use cheap cloud storage from Google or Amazon, we make it really simple and with storage costing around 2 cents per GB, the return on investment is hard to beat.

Unlimited File Versions & Custom Retention


Set things up to win, this part is really important. With the ability to backup unlimited file versions, with the right backup frequency you can really pin-point a file with that has the correct version before an event happened. Complement this with customizable retention periods – save 30 days worth of backups, save 90 days worth of backups, the choice is yours and what works for your customer.

Create Your Own Custom Branded Offsite Backup Software in 5 Minutes! You will love how easy it is to start protecting against ransomware instantly.

Try an unlocked full version of WholesaleBackup, where you create your very own branded offsite backup software installer, manage and monitor data in real-time with the Backup Ops web console, generate automated reports and alerts, and more… it’s actually a lot of fun.

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AWS S3, Wasabi, Backblaze, Google (GCP), or Self-Hosted Windows Server

You’ll only pay the raw cost of the data used on the cloud storage platform directly, we never mark up cloud storage backup costs so you can maximize revenue when pricing your online backup service.

Use Amazon S3 Cloud Storage
with WholesaleBackup white label cloud storage backup software

cloud storage reseller white label backup solution using amazon s3 cloud storage with wholesalebackup cloud backup software

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Use Google Cloud Platform
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cloud storage reseller white label backup solution using google cloud platform with wholesalebackup cloud backup software

Use a Self-Hosted Windows Server
with WholesaleBackup Server & white label online backup software


offsite backup software from wholesale backup

Offsite Backup Software Designed for Backup Service Providers and Reseller. Say Hello to WholesaleBackup.

Offering a full suite of Brandable Backup Software, Monitoring Tools, Reports, and Unlimited USA Support.

Recover effectively from malware, viruses, and the most widespread threat today ransomware. Using all features every partner gets access to even in your all-inclusive trial.

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Tech savvy readers will want to explore our excellent knowledge base. Diving a little deeper into the native core features that come with all WholesaleBackup products.

Choose Your Favorite Way To Backup Data Offsite

Don’t mess around with ransomware, offer peace of mind to your customers, get their data stored in multiple places especially offsite away from the production environments. We actually allow our partners to have multiple offsite locations if they want.

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After trying multiple name-brand backup vendors, we finally Partnered with WholesaleBackup and couldn’t be happier with the functionality and cost.

Michael Vaughan, Infrastructure Architect, ManagePointe Technologies, Inc

Available for Windows & macOS

If you are wondering does WholesaleBackup do online backup for Servers?  Yes, indeed. Whether the business location you are backing up has a single server on-premise or multiple you can install the online backup software on just one and have it networked, or install a backup agent on each machine.

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