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Offer white label cloud backup service with WholesaleBackup’s cloud storage backup platform (in minutes)

Only $150 per/month for your own white label cloud backup and recovery platform for running a cloud backup service

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Start your white label cloud backup service using inexpensive cloud storage from Amazon S3, Google Cloud platform and now Wasabi in combination with WholesaleBackup’s cloud backup software


Your brand on cloud backup software

Simply pick a backup platform
Amazon S3, Google Cloud Platform or Wasabi

You’ll only pay the raw cost of the data used on the cloud storage platform directly, we never mark-up cloud storage backup costs so you can maximize revenue when pricing your online backup service.

Use Amazon S3 Cloud Storage
with WholesaleBackup white label cloud storage backup software

cloud storage reseller white label backup solution using amazon s3 cloud storage with wholesalebackup cloud backup software

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Use Google Cloud Platform
with WholesaleBackup white label cloud storage backup software

cloud storage reseller white label backup solution using google cloud platform with wholesalebackup cloud backup software

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Use Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage
with WholesaleBackup white label cloud storage backup software


USE Wasabi
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cloud-storage-reseller-white-label-backup-platormWith our White Label Cloud Backup solution you choose where to store the data leveraging Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) or Google Cloud Storage, never worry about scaling up again. When you Resell Cloud Backup services using WholesaleBackup software you have more room to grow your business, because you are no longer paying for infrastructure and hardware. Scaling up is simple and cost effective. WholesaleBackup provides the White Label Cloud Reseller Program using our new web based Backup Management Console for running your backup business, plus you will get ongoing enhancements at no extra cost.

web-console-for-managing-you-cloud-backup-software-and-serviceWe make it quick and easy for you, simply point the customer data directly to your own secure cloud storage location (S3 or Google) and your Backup Client will start automated secure and encrypted off-site backups, you can monitor and manage your customers and their backup data through the Web Console Dashboard.

Instantly build your white label cloud backup software solution to match your company and partner with us as a cloud storage reseller white label backup service provider

Review features included with all cloud storage backup solutions from WholesaleBackup


Our backup partners really enjoy receiving free technical help from our support staff with any questions or concerns.


Custom brand your white label cloud backup software and keep a consistent company image across your IT services.


You can pay as you go with our flexible software licensing model that fits perfectly with the rest of your business offerings.


SQL backups are included with your white label cloud backup software, no extra cost for this enterprise feature.


Exchange backups are included. (Another enterprise feature others charge more for, we include it no extra cost.)


Perform Disk Imaging and System State Backups, schedule these into your offsite backups to create native Windows recoverable media.

(Bare Metal Restore)

Leverage the ability to perform remote bare metal restores easily in the case of loss or failure and you need to restore from scratch.


Offer secure standards compliant backup and target new markets like healthcare and credit card processors and merchants.


AES-256 used by banks and the Federal Reserve. AES is the only public cipher approved by the NSA for top secret information.

Centrally manage all of your backup accounts from the Backup Management Web Console

The Web Console is where you will build and manage your white label cloud backup platform, monitor storage, analyze active data transfers in real-time, set up reports, alerts and create new users.

5 Questions

You Must Answer When Choosing a
White Label Backup Solution

Screen captures of the WholesaleBackup Web Console Backup Management Dashboard 

A quick summary about the white label cloud backup solution

The WholesaleBackup family of products has been designed for demanding online backup deployments including environments subject to complex regulatory compliance such as:

  • Financial services: NASD 3010 and 3110, SEC 17a-3 & 17a-4, GLBA
  • Health care: HIPAA, Public Law 104-191
  • Publicly traded companies: Sarbanes-Oxley 802(a)(1) & 802(a)(2), NASD 3510, 3520
  • All companies: PCI DSS (credit-card protection)
  • The white label Backup Client will process and transmit data from any Windows operating system device to the cloud storage location you choose to setup (Amazon or Google cloud storage) fully encrypted and secured.

cloud-backup-software-platformFor MPSs, VARs, and IT Service providers using our white label backup software this opens up new business opportunities. You can now offer with confidence secure, encrypted off-site cloud backups to customers in the Healthcare, Financial, Legal, Government and Retails industries helping to ensure business continuity when the loss of data unexpectedly strikes.

How does cloud storage pricing work?

The WholesaleBackup Software price of $150.00 per month is specific to licensing the WholesaleBackup White Label Software to you, so you can offer and sell off-site data cloud backup services. The price does not include cloud storage from Amazon S3 or Google Storage.

The good news is that cloud storage costs are very cheap ranging from 2.5 – 3 cents per GB, so when you do choose to use Amazon S3 Cloud Storage or Google Cloud Storage to host your customer backup data, please view the provided links below for the most current cloud storage pricing information.

WholesaleBackup does not believe in marking up cloud storage.  We pass the savings to you (our channel partners) who will get the lowest GB rate possible, with your own private label cloud backup solution.

Check out

Amazon S3

Cloud Storage Cost Details


Amazon S3 pricing page

Check out
White Label Backup using Google Cloud Storage

Google Storage

Cloud Storage Cost Details


View Google storage price page

Check out

Wasabi Storage

Cloud Storage Cost Details


View Google storage price page

Initial seed loading with S3

Amazon’s AWS has recently begun offering their own hardware to assist with the importing and exporting of large amounts of data for S3. This device is named Snowball. If you have multiple large initial backups to send your S3 storage, this is an option you can consider.

Alternately, if you have a fast internet connection, you can use an S3 browsing application to transfer the data from one of your own computers up to S3.

seed your white label cloud backup using aws snowball

Need to move a large volume of data before starting daily incremental backups? No problem – use AWS Snowball with your WholesaleBackup cloud backup platform



WholesaleBackup works with backup providers, networking firms, and managed service providers all around the world, providing our SaaS and delivering the highest service possible.

Talk to us today about how you can start adding more White Label Cloud Services to your business offerings.

Product Name: WholesaleBackup white label cloud backup platform Product Brand: WholesaleBackup Product Description: Instantly brand this white label cloud backup and recovery platform, including the Backup Management Web Console for monitoring and managing your white label cloud backup service, use AWS or Google as cloud storage and resell your service on-top for extremely high margins. Product Image: Product Price: 150 Price Currency: USD Name Of The Seller: WholesaleBackup