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As one of our Online Backup Resellers you’ll immediately see revenue boosts from lower TCO, the ability to choose cloud or self-hosted storage and free USA Support

It only takes a few minutes to build your own custom branded, white labeled backup and recovery service platform.

for only $150 per month
(where everything is included no add-ons or features you’ll need to pay extra for.)

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It only takes a few minutes to custom brand your own online backup software solution

You will never have to pay WholesaleBackup anything for storage costs. It’s your storage that’s how you save big.

Join other MSPs, IT Firms, and Resellers worldwide who have started using the Online Backup Reseller Program.  All of our backup resellers select their own backup data storage location and own it. Use inexpensive cloud storage from Amazon AWS or Google Cloud Platform.

Or you can host the data using a Microsoft Windows Server (Datacenter) running the WholesaleBackup Server software platform on your own Windows Server.

For as little as $150/month we can get you in the business providing secure offsite backup and recovery services using our online backup reseller platform, so you you can start selling and ensuring business continuity when it counts.

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White Label Backup Solution

Keep your customer’s business data secured, be the hero.

online backup for resellers

Cryptolocker and ransomware are still hitting businesses hard on a regular basis, aside from your client paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to get the data back or un-encrypted, you can simply offer them an offsite backup copy of the business data from restored from your encrypted cloud storage vault or from your on your own encrypted Windows Backup Server vault.

If you want to restore the data faster – use a free local storage vault, when you install the branded online backup client just enable the local vault, and a data restore will be super fast. Take advantage of using the built-in version and retention settings so that you’ll have multiple backup sets to choose from.

By using the Backup Management Web Console (another valuable tool all of our online backup resellers have access to). You’ll be able to monitor the automated incremental backups, create reports, drill down into machines, and change configuration remotely without needing to have access to the machine.

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Simply pick a backup platform
AWS S3, Wasabi, Backblaze, Google (GCP), or Self-Hosted Windows Server

You’ll only pay the raw cost of the data used on the cloud storage platform directly, we never mark up cloud storage backup costs so you can maximize revenue when pricing your online backup service.

Use Amazon S3 Cloud Storage
with WholesaleBackup white label cloud storage backup software

cloud storage reseller white label backup solution using amazon s3 cloud storage with wholesalebackup cloud backup software

Use Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage
with WholesaleBackup white label cloud storage backup software


Use Backblaze Cloud Storage
with WholesaleBackup white label cloud storage backup software

backblaze logo

Use Google Cloud Platform
with WholesaleBackup white label cloud storage backup software

cloud storage reseller white label backup solution using google cloud platform with wholesalebackup cloud backup software

Use a Self-Hosted Windows Server
with WholesaleBackup Server & white label online backup software


WholesaleBackup makes online backup for resellers just like you.

Become one of our global partners today!

Here is a glance at some of the features included in your partnership for only $150 per month

online backup reseller partnership program features and benefits
  • Free unlimited USA based support

  • Intelligent data deduplication

  • HIPPA compliant

  • PCI compliant

  • AES-256 bit encryption

  • Works on all Windows & macOS versions

  • Free white label branding

  • Month-to-month subscription

  • Free Backup Server software licenses

  • Free brandable white label backup clients

  • Free lifetime software upgrades

  • Access to the Backup Management Web Console

  • The ability to backup Microsoft SQL Databases (no extra charge)

  • The ability to backup Microsoft Exchange Server

  • The Ability to backup Outlook and more…

  • Includes free local speedy backup vault

  • Includes a multiple remote backup vaults

  • Custom incremental backup scheduling

  • Advanced retention settings

  • Custom versioning settings

  • The ability to generate System Disc or System State images

  • Bare Metal Restore (BMR)

  • The option to host the data yourself using a Microsoft Windows Server with WholesaleBackup Server platform software

  • The ability to host the data yourself using cloud storage on Amazon or Google

partner with wholesalebackup to offer online backup services with white label backup software

WholesaleBackup has been providing online backup software for service providers for over ten years. We are continually making enhancements and improvement to our white label cloud backup platform based on the feedback we receive from our online backup resellers, cloud backup providers, and online backup partners.

Some people ask us: “what is white label software?”. The short answer is: We build the software and maintain it, we license it to you, and you put your business logo on it. That way your customers only see the online backup services with your business logo on the software, so it does not look like you are using a third party product. There is more history on the white labeling of products found here. [Wikipedia]

Why resell someone else’s service for pennies on the dollar when you can take all the profit for yourself?

join wholesalebackup online backup resellers

Partnering with WholesaleBackup you can now to offer online backup services to customers who value data integrity and have strict compliance policies. Such as medical and healthcare prospects, legal groups and law firms, government contractors and organizations with confidence because your cloud backup service is fully compliant.

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The team at WholesaleBackup is happy to listen and share their backup & recovery expertise spanning over 15 years of business-class backup software solutions for resellers, MSPs, and IT Pros. If you are ready to begin building a more profitable and reliable backup service you’re in the right place.

  • Learn how to get started with labeling & deploying your own backup service
  • See how to schedule, run backups, and restore data
  • Understand how to remotely manage and monitor end-user’s backups
  • Get any questions you have addressed

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