We have just released new versions of the WholesaleBackup client for Microsoft Windows and the WholesaleBackup Server for Microsoft Windows. The version # is These releases update the SSL connection code used by these products to the latest OpenSSL version containing an important security patch for the HeartBleed bug in prior versions of OpenSSL.

For the sake of security, all customers should upgrade their WholesaleBackup Windows Servers to version This is as simple as logging onto your Windows server and closing the WholesaleBackup Server GUI window if it is open, and then re-opening the GUI and upgrading when prompted. While you are doing this we suggest you take a few more minutes to go to the Dashboard->Accounts tab and click on the “Upgrade Every Client’s Software” button and wait for the operation to complete (it may take several minutes if you have many clients) — when completed you will be presented with a dialog box indicating something like “Software upgrade staged for X clients for download at their next backup”.

All white label clients are being rebuilt with this new version and will be available for download from http://downloads.backupops.com/4Windows/ later today. You can perform the above client upgrade process in advance of your white label installer being available.

In addition to the above releases we have verified SSL on all our internal and public servers and have patched and/or upgraded them as needed.

If you have any questions or concerns about security, please contact our support group at support@wholesalebackup.com.


The WholesaleBackup Team