Seamless Integration with VSS for Robust Backups

Since its inception, Divinsa LLC’s WholesaleBackup software client has been leveraging the robust capabilities of the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS Backup) to ensure open files are backed up in a “crash consistent state.” This means that all open files are captured at a specific moment in time, mirroring the data written to disk at that instant, as if the system had experienced a crash.

Expanding Capabilities with VSS Backup Component API

The latest iteration of the WholesaleBackup client software now includes experimental support for the VSS Component API. This advancement enables the safe and comprehensive backup of file and folder collections associated with complex applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Oracle, and more. The VSS Component API enhances our backup solution by facilitating application-consistent backups, ensuring complete data integrity for intricate systems.

Collaboration with Industry Leaders for Comprehensive Coverage

Notably, the VSS Component Writers are crafted by the application vendors themselves—like Microsoft for SQL Server, Oracle for their databases, and VMware for virtual environments. This collaboration means that WholesaleBackup, as a VSS Reader, is designed to interface seamlessly with these components, abstracting complex details and allowing for a streamlined backup process across a multitude of applications.

Adapting to Your Backup Needs

As a VSS Reader, WholesaleBackup now has the capability to communicate standardized calls to the VSS API. This means that any application or operating system function that has an associated VSS Writer can now be backed up effectively. By default, WholesaleBackup operates in “full copy” mode, capturing every bit of data. Optionally, “full mode” is available for complete backups at specified intervals. To optimize bandwidth, WholesaleBackup typically uses differential methods—only transmitting changes since the last backup.

Getting Started with the New VSS Feature

To take advantage of this new feature, we invite our clients to reach out for a comprehensive guide. This document will walk you through the process of utilizing the new VSS Component API functionality within the WholesaleBackup client, allowing you to harness these advanced backup capabilities for your critical business applications.

Contact Us for Detailed Documentation

If you’re interested in expanding your backup capabilities with our VSS Component support, please contact our customer support team. We will provide you with a concise, easy-to-follow document detailing how to enable and make the most of this powerful new feature in your WholesaleBackup software client.


With these new plugin components, WholesaleBackup continues to demonstrate our commitment to providing advanced, reliable, and efficient data protection solutions. We are dedicated to keeping your critical systems secure and ensuring that your backup processes meet the evolving needs of your business.