WholesaleBackup is happy to announce the launch of our brand new backup agent, with a completely new UI design concept.

A brandable offsite backup solution has never looked this good!

Check out this 1min video trailer featuring the all-new rebrandable WholesaleBackup software backup and recovery platform.

What’s new?

The WholesaleBackup team is super excited about this next generation of the backup client software, many enhancements have been made and there’s much more to come, but here’s a quick glance about what’s new.

  • Runs in the browser
  • Responsively designed
  • Enhanced wizard
  • Improved user experience
  • Using .NET4.+ framework
  • Frontend powered with Vue.js Framework
  • Asynchronous non-blocking API

Upgrade options

There are two upgrade paths available to start taking advantage of the enhanced backup agent now.

Upgrade option steps for performing managed upgrades from the web console

Login to dash.backupops.com

Step 1

Login to your Backup Ops (web console)   go to the new “Upgrade” tab.

From the list you will see all of the computers “Ready” to upgrade, you can select a single instance, a batch, or all of them at once.

performing managed GUI upgrades from the web console

Step 2

Use the checkboxes to mark the computers you want to stage the upgrade for and click “Submit”.  This will process the upgrade to initialize on the backup agents next connection, changing its status to “Staged”.

review the results of the staging operation

After hitting the submit button you can review the output result of the operation.

Step 3

Now you can monitor the progress of the upgrades, the backup agents that have fully migrated will now have the “Upgraded” status.

Upgrade option steps for installing directly over-top of an existing installation


Step 1

Login to your Backup Ops (web console)   go to the “Brands” tab.

From the brand list, you will see a new brand_installer.exe file available to download. Go ahead and download it now.

Step 2

move new installer file to target computer

Put the brand_installer.exe file on the target computer and launch the install wizard by double-clicking the file.

Step 3

install in the same folder as existing installation
  • If the existing client is open close it first.
  • Ensure the installation wizard is looking at the same path as the existing installation e.g.) c:\Program Files\YourBrand
new GUI launches automatically after wizard finishes up

After the wizard completes the new GUI will be launched by the operating systems default web browser — Boom! A beautiful new looking backup agent that retained all of the existing history, settings and data selections.


Once you stage the upgrade the next time the computer connects it will pick up the changes and automatically upgrade.

This operation is one-way once a computer upgrades, however, the classic GUI will still exist in the installation folder and can be launched by using a special “-legacy” flag on the brandname_gui.exe legacy

use the -legacy flag to open the classic GUI

That’s it

Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know if you have any questions.

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