Our goal continues to be to provide the most robust, set it and forget it, online (and now offline) backup solution.  We are excited to share with you that a major new release of our backup software client is now available, which has advanced the frontier of online backup solutions.

  • Local backups and restores allowing for very rapid restorations at local LAN speeds.  When activated, our software will first look in a local encrypted file vault at restoration time and if the file is there, restore from there, and if not then download it over the Internet from the remote backup server
  • Plugins for backing up Active Directory, Exchange, Hyper-V, IIS, Oracle, SQL Server, VMWare, etc.  Our generalized support for Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) framework means that our software can now backup any application and operating system component that has a VSS file Writer.  As 3rd parties support Microsoft’s VSS framework, their clients will find that our software automatically be able to back them up.
  • Multi-threaded backup and restore engine with file batching yielding several X faster restores in most cases, and better utilization of available Internet bandwidth in all cases.
  • General improvements to usability and quality.

Please contact us to get the latest technical documentation for additional information.

A special thanks to all who have participated in our beta program!