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If you are looking for an online backup software that you can label as your own you are in the right place. The WholesaleBackup online backup solution focuses on simple setup and operation, total reliability, and easy management for a lower total cost of ownership. By leveraging proven cloud and online backup for servers platforms that have been long established in the marketplace, coupled with rapid innovation for the future, so you can offer higher-quality online backup service.

Brand an online backup solution using WholesaleBackup

An online backup solution that is continually being refined, upgraded, and enhanced

Some of the best features we’ve released are a result of combined input from partners and our engineering team. We care about the needs of the online backup reseller and aim to build the best product to do the job. Simple, secure, and reliable online data backup and recovery are at the core of what we do best.

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image and system state online backup solution

Image & System State backups – are performed via your online backup solution allowing you to generate a recoverable image or system state backups, which are scheduled for uploading offsite, this adds additional recovery options for your customers.

online backup software included fast local vault

Speedy on-premise vault – the backup agent supports local & offsite storage, you can enable an on-premise vault at no cost, when recovering data the agent checks the onsite vault first, resulting in faster restores & saving precious time.

data recovery to new machine using online backup solution

Recover data to new computers – if a computer needs to be replaced, you have the ability to install the online backup software on a new computer, and migrate the account, allowing full access to all recoverable data.

online backup for servers bare metal recovery

Bare Metal Restore – get a server up & running fast with BMR media generated by your backup software,  putting the system back into its original and complete state.

Backup Ops web console for online backup service

Backup Ops – is the central location for monitoring & managing all of your accounts, building custom labeled installers, setting up reports & alerts, and remotely starting, stopping, & syncing config changes.

Block deduplication performed by the online backup solution

Block deduplication – the incremental backup architecture uses block-level differentials & deduplication that improves storage efficiency by only backing up new or changed data of each file.

Online backup service data compression engine

Compression engine – breaks files down into blocks before backing them up. Files are reduced 60 – 90% depending on the type. The default compression level is equivalent to what you will see with utilities such as zip.

Secure online backup for servers

Online backup for servers – for SQL Server, Exchange Server, Active Directory, App Servers, etc. The agent will back up the data from snapshots created using Windows VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) writers.

Online backup service for workstations

Workstation backup – for Windows & Mac workstations, laptops, tablets, etc. Install your branded online backup software on the computer, select the critical data & begin automated incremental backups.

One backup service performs custom file and folder selections

Custom file selections – if you want to configure your own default file selections? No problem. You are able to customize the selections file for your online backup solution which programmatically selects files & folders, eliminating manual selection.

Remote configuration and changes provided through the online backup service

Remote adjustments & management – if you need to tweak config settings, luckily you don’t need to access the customer’s machine directly. You can simply make the changes and push the updated version using the remote manager.

Online backup for servers file and folder recovery

File and folder recovery – in cases where a customer lost just a particular file or folder, or perhaps the files got corrupted by a virus or ransomware. In these cases, you may want to restore the specific files or folders, rather than downloading the entire vault.

The online backup solution handles network paths and mapped drives

NAS & mapped drives –  elevate the backup services’ User running as Administrator. Allowing the agent to view network paths and mapped drives, those locations can now be added to the backup selections or used to back up to.

Configurable alerts and reports from the online backup service

Configurable alerts and reports – there are several types of alerts you can enable to stay proactive, using your own SMTP email settings on the backup client, or on the Backup Server, and Backup Ops. Create report emails, alerts, and monitor your accounts at a glance.

The online backup solution offers custom file versioning and retention settings

Custom Versioning & Retention – the agent provides you with extensive version and retention policy options. Our default retention policy is 30 days, which means you can successfully recover from any of those 30 days. You can also change the retention period as needed.

You have the ability to lock down the online backup software from endusers

Lockdown particular aspects of your software – prevent undesired changes to your backup configuration once deployed, you have the option to limit access to the GUI (requiring a password to open it), or limit users from interacting with just certain settings.

Many scheduling options available via the online backup software

Backup scheduling options – include Continuous backup scheduling that kicks off incremental backups every few hours, or use Scheduled backups to set the agent to start after business hours for automated nightly backups. Both options are customizable.

The online backup software has embedded throttling features

Throttle bandwidth – use more bandwidth at night and less during business hours. This is a great option when performing initial seeds may take longer to complete than the incremental backups thereafter, or use with Continuous backups that are running frequently throughout the day.

Overview of Backup Ops Web Console

Easily manage all of your backup accounts from one location. Monitor active data transfers, storage, interact with remote agents,  create reports & alerts, create users, create branded backup software installers for deployment, and more.

Learn about the many features of the Backup Ops Web Console in this overview video, where you can build, manage, and monitor your online backup solution.

Overview of Remote Manager

Allows you to remotely interact with deployed software agents, you can dispatch service commands and adjust, sync, and push configuration updates all silently in the background without any need to disturb your customers or get on their machines.

This video demonstrates making a configuration change from the Backup Ops web console for a remotely deployed backup agent and then syncing the new configuration settings in real-time using the remote manager.

Online Backup Reseller Program

When you join WholesaleBackup as an online backup reseller & partner, not only do you get high-quality, business-class online backup software to offer and protect your customer’s critical data, but you’ll also receive many other included beneficial features.

Join the online backup partner program

No upfront costs for starting up as a reseller

No upfront reseller costs – get started with zero expenses and little to no hardware. A simple workstation is all you need to start testing the online backup service.

No marked-up storage costs as a reseller

No upfront storage costs – we don’t mark up any storage costs, passing the savings to you, choose between a host-your-own Server, or cloud storage from AWS S3, Google (GCP), or Wasabi to host backups.

Simple month-to-month reseller agreement

Simple month-to-month subscription – we have a software licensing agreement that makes it easy for you to put your brand on the online backup software and start generating more revenue.

Fully supported by stellar USA-based specialist support team

Complete stellar USA-based support – we have the most responsive support teams who are happy to provide assistance & offer guidance. Including extensive online documentation for learning more about the online backup solution.

Competitive advantage with ability to create numerous brands

Numerous custom branded installers – build as many branded installers as needed, giving you the flexibility to create a brand strategy with the online backup software that’s targeted at a niche or for an added market advantage.

Simple reseller scaling options

Easy scaling options – unlike other backup solutions online, scaling up or down is no problem, add more endpoints to your plan as needed, our staff will provide you with the best options to maintain growth while keeping your overhead costs low.

Fully HIPAA compliant online backup for resellers

Fully compliant – data is fully encrypted using AES 256 Military Grade Encryption.  Use with confidence when you need an online backup for servers.

  • Financial services: NASD 3010 and 3110, SEC 17a-3 & 17a-4, GLBA
  • Health care: HIPAA, Public Law 104-191
  • Publicly traded companies: Sarbanes-Oxley 802(a)(1) & 802(a)(2), NASD 3510, 3520
  • All companies: PCI DSS (credit-card protection)

Continuous online backup software upgrades included

Continuous software upgrades – WholesaleBackup provides you with routine software upgrades, and feature at no charge, which constantly improves the online backup solution’s performance, experience, and value with every release. The software upgrades silently in the background no touch-points are required.

Completed branding available on the online backup solution

Complete branding – put your logo, icons, and company information on the online backup software, you can even create your very own End-user Software Agreement, and Terms of Service built directly into the agent installer.

All windows versions supported

Windows & macOS supported – the backup agent runs on all Microsoft-supported versions of Windows & macOS from ver 10.13+, in addition, we are continually ensuring full compatibility on all new and future Windows & macOS releases.

Backup Ops multi-tenant web console for online backups

Multi-Tenant Web Console – Backup Ops is the central location for building your branded online backup software installer, managing and monitoring your accounts, setting up alerts and reports, and creating new users with assigned views. The cloud-based web console is accessible from web browsers on any device.

Online backup reports and alerts

Configurable reports & alerts – easily create reports & alerts, alerts can be sent if the computer has not connected for backups (No Connection Alert), or an alert if the computer has not sent new data (No Data Alert), use summary reports for reviewing all of your accounts at once.

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After trying multiple name-brand backup vendors, we finally Partnered with WholesaleBackup and couldn’t be happier with the functionality and cost.

Michael Vaughan - Infrastructure Architect, ManagePointe Technologies, Inc

We were able to quickly restore our clients data without any issues using their last good backup – saving them from total data loss and stopping their business!

Joe Massa - IT Administrator, BullDog Technologies (Vanguard Systems)

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AWS S3, Wasabi, Backblaze, Google (GCP), or Self-Hosted Windows Server

You’ll only pay the raw cost of the data used on the cloud storage platform directly, we never mark up cloud storage backup costs so you can maximize revenue when pricing your online backup service.

Use Amazon S3 Cloud Storage
with WholesaleBackup white label cloud storage backup software

cloud storage reseller white label backup solution using amazon s3 cloud storage with wholesalebackup cloud backup software

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HIPAA Compliant Online Backup Software

At-a-glance the “major goal of the Privacy Rule is to assure that individuals’ health information is properly protected while allowing the flow of health information needed to provide and promote high quality health care and to protect the public’s health and well being.” []

With WholesaleBackup’s fully compliant online backup solution, you have many more business opportunities for selling your online backup service. Check out some of the types of businesses our partners are supporting with their business continuity plans.

Simple, robust, online backup service you resell

Back up many types of Microsoft products and applications used in day-to-day business operations by your customers.


 Backup accounting software


Backup healthcare software


Backup dental office software


Backup property management & real estate offices and software

backup software for law and legal firms

Backup legal firm and law office software


Backup retail businesses – point of sale (PoS) software


Backup academic &  institutional records and software


Backup government offices & records securely offsite