Automated Nightly Differential Backups

Differential Backup compares, encrypts and stores files in blocks

Files are compared, encrypted & stored in blocks

The software client uses delta-block differential methods to perform backups

At the backup time, the client’s selections are processed and the file system modifies the time stamp and file size for each file is compared with the corresponding values from the last backup.

For files whose size or modify date has changed the file is compressed, encrypted using AES-256 block encryption, and broken up into 1MB blocks.

Only the changes are transferred

When the check and compare method is performed, only changed blocks need to be transferred to the cloud storage or backup server (whichever you prefer to use) and only one copy of each block needs to be kept (thus the blocks are de-duplicated). And in this way, all backups are actually differential backups.

You also have the means to synchronize all blocks between your backup vault(s) with the simple push of a button. This process is also performed automatically at the end of each backup. Create an account and see this in action.

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