Backups from multiple local and offsite vaults included

Backups from two local storage vaults included diagram

You get two local backup vaults for fast restores

WholesaleBackup provides local backups and restores allowing for very rapid restorations at local LAN speeds. When activated, our software will first look in a local encrypted file vault at restoration time, and if the file is there, restore from there, and if not then download it over the Internet from the remote backup server.

WholesaleBackup allows you to backup to two encrypted local backup vaults (whether on a local drive, network share, or an external device such as a USB drive). One of the vaults is your local backup/restore vault and the other is intended for offsite backup rotation.

Keeping an offsite backup vault in sync with a local on-site backup vault is the ideal combination when it comes to configuring the best data backup and recovery protection services to offer your customers. This dual-layer of protection offers much more peace of mind, for you and them. During times when you need data recovery, the local on-premise vault serves as the first line of rescue. Offering high-speed extraction and decrypting of the data, faster than compared to doing it from a remote offsite backup vault over the network and internet.

If the local system is ever hit by a virus or ransomware, and the backup software is impacted, by design the software will prevent the corruption of data from reaching the remote offsite backup vault. In this case, you simply re-install the offsite backup software on a clean system and pull down the offsite data to the new machine.

Seeding Local Backups and Restores using Onsite Devices

Using our backup software client one can perform a full ‘seed’ backup to local media and then transport the encrypted files to your backup server and populate them there, or one can create a dedicated portable backup server to take onto client sites.

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