Managed Backup Software for MSPs and Resellers

White label a business grade automated incremental managed backup software that is fully rebrandable, for storing data locally and offsite using your own server as storage or select a top cloud storage provder.

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Using a managed backup software, allows you sleep easy knowing your client’s data is secure and ready for recovery whenever they need it. WholesaleBackup offers onsite, offsite and hybrid options that let you choose how data is stored on your server, network and cloud locations, MSPs have been offering managed backup services with WholesaleBackup for over a decade.


SSL and AES 256 bit

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Monitoring &

Magement Web Console with alerts and reporting


Data Continuity

Store data onsite and offsite includes (no cost) speedy local vault

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Bare Metal Recovery & Restore

get a server or virtual environment backup up and running fast using Bare Metal Restore from recoverable media that is configurable and generated by your branded backup client software

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Block deduplication

Secure, reliable, and high performance backup and restore architecture, with block level differentials and deduplication

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WholesaleBackup has a very responsive US-Based support team who is there to answer your questions and provide technical assistance

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White Label Your New Managed Backup Solution in 5 mins

WholesaleBackup does not charge for storage, data is backed up directly to your server or cloud location. We pass these savings directly to our Partners, boosting profit margins substantially.

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Select your backend data vault storage using any of the following:

  • Amazon S3
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Wasabi Hot Cloud
  • Windows Server

Partners can also leverage more than one option to create a hybrid Server/Cloud-managed backup solution. All managed backup solutions include local speed vaults.

Crypto Locker & Ransomware Protection

Using custom file versioning and retention features you will be fully covered when you need to roll back to data exactly before the computer was hit with a viruses, cryptolocker or ransomware infection.

  • If the computer is beyond repair, you can simply restore the data to a new machine using the encryption key

  • Link multiple computers under a single account and encryption key. For instance if you had 5 computers in an office all backing up, and one of those computer was lost, you can initiate data recovery from any of the other linked computers in that office.

managed backup saves customer data from ransomware

Flexible Features

With over 15 years in the backup software industry, WholesaleBackup has developed and produced managed backup software specifically for its own small to medium-sized business clients and then white-labeled the managed backup software for MSPs and Backup Service Providers to grow their businesses even more by saving money, time and, offering fully supported partnerships globally. 

  • Remotely change settings and configurations from your backup management web console


NAS, Shared and Mapped Drives

Elevate the backup software’s Service user account to access NAS, shared and mapped drives for backup and recovery

  • WholesaleBackup Service run as a user (where Microsoft requires that that service user also has a password – preferably one that doesn’t expire so the service does not stop running when the password expires or is changed)

  • All you need to do is log in as the user the service runs as, and access the network resource, and when prompted for the password, enter it and be sure to check the appropriate box to remember the password.


Selecting Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, and System State

The client software supports the VSS Component API for backing up collections of files and folders associated with application Component, such as Microsoft Exchange and NTDS (Active Directory).

Some of the applications with VSS file Writers include:
Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft Hyper-V
Microsoft IIS
Microsoft SQL Server

backup databases at no extra cost

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Manage Pointe Technologies

After trying multiple name brand backup vendors, we finally Partnered with WholesaleBackup and couldn’t be happier with the functionality and cost.

Michael Vaughan - Infrastructure Architect, ManagePointe Technologies, Inc
Managed IT Solutions (for Dentists)

After using another white-label cloud backup solution for years, switching to WholesaleBackup has been a lifesaver. MUCH less maintenance, cost, bandwidth, and the U.S. based support is the stellar.  The software and interface is SO much simpler and easy to use.   I would recommend WholesaleBackup to any MSP looking to streamline their cloud backup system.

Beau Odom - COO, PCSI Managed IT Solutions
vanguard bulldog technologies

We were able to quickly restore our clients data without any issues using their last good backup – saving them from total data loss and stopping their business!

Joe Massa - IT Administrator, BullDog Technologies (Vanguard Systems)
digitalninjaz - partner

Your response time to any and all my request is far superior to any customer service I’ve ever received my ENTIRE CAREER.

Bao Tran, Digital NinjaZ (Founder)
cloud9 wholesalebackup partner

I am very impressed with the level of customer care and communication you have put forth into making sure that our setup with you guys goes smoothly.  It is rare nowadays to find vendors that take pride in their product as well as show concern for a client’s well-being.

Glen Rostant, President Cloud 9 Solutions, Inc.