Microsoft recently released security update KB2870699.

Unfortunately, this security patch broke code signing verification for all software developers who sign their executables using Starfield Certificate Authority (aka GoDaddy).  The problem manifests itself when downloading a signed executable from Internet Explorer and then running it, and looks something like the following:

Signature Corrupt Message

Signature Corrupt Message

and there may be other ways this problem manifested itself (such as when launching our online backup client).

One can download the executable to the user’s machine and then run it, as a workaround, but customer confidence may be impacted via this workaround, and it might not resolve all reported side effects.  Microsoft has documented this bug here but the currently documented workarounds require end-users to either uninstall the security patch or make changes to the security settings of Internet Explorer, which customers may well be hesitant to do.  We have changed our code signing approach to work around Microsoft’s bug and are rebuilding all permanent Whitelabel clients as well as all beta white label clients, using Starfield’s workaround, and re-uploading them to

WholesaleBackup provides a white-label business solution, which allows you to offer secure offsite data backups

WholesaleBackup white label backup software - put your brand on our software.

WholesaleBackup white label backup software – put your brand on our software.

You can build your very own Windows backup server using our server backup platform and then provision end-user online backup clients branded with your company name. Your customers will have a local and online backup system where they can store their backup data in a local vault on their own machine in addition to having another backup storage vault on your Windows backup server.

We also provide a hybrid cloud backup platform that allows you to store customer data on very cheap cloud storage from Amazon S3 and Google cloud storage. This option does not require you to have your own server. All you have to do is provision the cloud backup clients with your company brand and logo, once they are installed and the selections are made for the files and folders to backup, the data will go through a de-duplication process to avoid duplicate files, then create file blocks which are encrypted for transmission which will be sent to your cloud storage vault.

Whether you choose to build your own backup server or create your own cloud backup clients, you can run and monitor your backup business from a web browser with the Backup Management Web Console, which centralizes all of your customer’s statuses, backups, settings, and billings information. Our Partners, MSPs, VARs, and resellers, call this the mission control center for their backup operations.


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