Signature Corrupt Message

Signature Corrupt Message

Introduction to the Issue

A recent security update from Microsoft, known as KB2870699, has inadvertently caused a significant issue for software developers and users alike. This patch was intended to bolster security but has, instead, led to complications concerning software signed with Starfield Certificate Authority, commonly associated with GoDaddy.

The Manifestation of the Problem

Users downloading signed executables via Internet Explorer have encountered alarming “Signature Corrupt or Invalid” messages upon attempting to run the downloaded files. This issue has wider implications, potentially affecting the launch process of various applications, including online backup clients.

Impact on User Confidence and Workarounds

While there is a temporary fix—downloading the executable to a local machine before running it—this not only undermines customer trust but also doesn’t address all the potential repercussions of the bug. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue on their site, suggesting workarounds that are far from user-friendly, such as uninstalling the security update or altering Internet Explorer’s security settings—steps users may be rightfully reluctant to take.

Proactive Measures Taken

In response to this oversight by Microsoft, we have proactively revised our code signing process. All permanent Whitelabel and beta clients are being recompiled using an alternative approach provided by Starfield to navigate this complication. The updated versions are promptly made available for download at

Guidance for Affected Users

We are dedicated to ensuring our clients experience minimal disruption and maintain the integrity of their software interactions. For users impacted by this update, we advise the following steps to mitigate the issue:

  • Temporarily download the executable files to your local drive before running them.
  • Consult with IT professionals before making changes to your system’s security settings or uninstalling vital security patches.
  • Update your software clients regularly from our FTP site to ensure you have the latest, most secure versions.

Conclusion and Moving Forward

The unintended consequences of security update KB2870699 serve as a reminder of the delicate balance between enhancing security and maintaining usability. As a trusted provider, we continue to monitor the situation closely, offering solutions and support to navigate these challenges. For further assistance or concerns, please reach out to our customer support team.

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WholesaleBackup white label backup software - put your brand on our software.

WholesaleBackup white label backup software – put your brand on our software.

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