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5 Reasons Why IT Pros should be Selling an Offsite Backup Solution

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Your business size should have no impact on its ability to sell a managed offsite backup service to customers. With a branded offsite backup solution you can protect customers from the constant bombardment of ransomware attacks, viruses, and natural disasters. 

1 .) It’s never been easier.

You can literally spin up a white-labeled backup agent pointing to Wasabi, GCP, or AWS S3 in 5 minutes, and never have to worry about managing a data center or your own back-end hardware. 

Deploy your own branded offsite backup software to customer endpoints and the files will be pre-programmed to compress, de-dupe, encrypt, and transmit the data directly to your chosen cloud storage. Then manage and monitor all your accounts from a central web console where you can set alerts, modify selections, read logs, and troubleshoot any issues.

2.) It’s a great source of incremental revenue.

Not only does offering an offsite backup solution help your customers protect their business from danger, but it’s also an effective way to add another high-margin service offering to your stack or base of service. 

Why refer clients to a third party, or resell some commodity product for peanuts? Instead, build out your own managed backup service and take all the profit. It’s your customer so maximize the value proposition by solving a significant problem for them and reap the rewards with a recurring revenue stream.

3.) Customers are their own worst enemy.

Whether it’s the “office manager” backing up to a USB drive, shoddy cybersecurity, or small businesses that inexplicably operate with no offsite backup service in place, end-users cannot be trusted to protect themselves. 

Any manual point of failure will eventually come back to bite these folks…. hard. It’s your job to ensure this doesn’t happen, especially if they already trust you to manage other aspects of their IT needs, from RMM to Networking, and AV to Repair.

4) White Label Services raise your profile.

Anyone can resell an existing product or service from another vendor, but why give up the revenue and the customer relationship? The best way to increase your number of clients, as well as keep the ones you already have, is to keep solving problems for them. 

Backing up vital data with a managed offsite backup service is a straightforward pitch, with a specific solution. Brand this with your own company’s logo, and support it with your own staff. It doesn’t matter if you license the backup platform from a vendor, or leverage affordable cloud storage from Wasabi, AWS S3, Backblaze, or GCP. 

5.) If you don’t do it someone else will.

Every day businesses suffer data loss around the world, simply by innocent cases such as an employee accidentally opening up the wrong email, not realizing they just released a crypto-locker on the business network which is now holding all business data hostage for a hefty bitcoin ransom. The fastest way to recover from this is restoring from offsite backups that you should be offering like all of the IT services providers who are partnered as an offsite backup reseller, don’t let them offer this service to your customer, they will be happy to. 

These are just a few of the main reasons why every IT Professional should have white-labeled offsite backup software to offer to their customers. It’s easy to spin up your own brand, it’s lucrative recurring revenue with strong profit margins, and it saves customers from themselves. If this sounds like something you would like to start trying out, start a no-obligation, all-inclusive free trial now.