WholesaleBackup has over 10 years of experience building a data backup software platform for Network Consulting Firms, MSPs, IT Professionals, and Offsite Backup Solution Providers as a white-label data backup solution offering and a completely supported partnership.

What sets WholesaleBackup apart is the ease of use and simplicity of the data backup software, straightforward easy to understand pricing model, and unlimited helpful US-based software support and training. WholesaleBackup is constantly innovating and releasing new features and enhancements to its data backup solution platform. 

Overview of Platform Features

  • Secure HIPPA, PCI compliant data encryption

  • Select from cloud, server, or hybrid storage backend options

  • local speed and auxiliary vaults (included)

  • No middleman fees on data storage by WholesaleBackup

  • USA based support team with unlimited stelar support and training

  • Includes access to Backup Ops Web Console & Remote Management Suite

  • Unlimited custom labelled branded backup agents and Installers

  • A Simple cost model per active deployed data backup agent

How to get started building your own branded data backup solution in only 5 steps

  • To get started with your own branded data backup solution select a storage backend cloud or server option. 
  • For cloud backend, create the required API keys following the provided steps
  • For the Server backend, install the WholesaleBackup Server software installer on your Windows Server.
  • Create an account for the BackupOps Web Console, 
  • sign in, and build your first data backup software agent installer.
  •  Run your new installer on a machine and select some data for backup and recovery.
create your own branded data backup solution installer

Our Partners offer backup data solutions to many small to medium-sized businesses worldwide, and because the software is HIPAA compliant and fully encrypts the local and offsite data, it’s easy to offer secure data backup solutions to:

  • Schools 
  • Doctor offices
  • Dental office 
  • Law firms 
  • Retailers 
  • Local and State agencies 
  • Vet Clinics
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Any company or business that relies on documents and databases for day-to-day operations
offer data backup and recovery solutions to many organizations and businesses

If you are interested in learning about some strategies for creating a successful cloud backup solution using check out this article – “how to build a successful wasabi backup service” for more details.

About the WholesaleBackup Product Line

Backup Client Overview

The client is a business-class file/folder data backup and recovery software, branded as your own company’s software and installed on the end-users system, it consists of an Engine, Service, and GUI.

The main sections of the backup client software are outlined below, descriptions are brief, however, full details and videos are available in the  client support guide

  • Monitor
    • Overview – The Overview provides you with a calendar view of your most recent backups, highlighting which dates backups occurred with color codes indicating if the latest backup on each date was good, had issues, or was interrupted and did not complete.
    • Details  – The details will provide information about the backup, including the backup log, a list of any errors or warnings encountered during the backup/restore.
    • Email  – allows you to configure the client to send you e-mails after each backup, as well as tell your backup host when you would like to be alerted if your client does not connect to the backup server to send data 
  • Backup 
    • Schedule  – You can also set the backups to start running at a scheduled time, such as after business hours or during off-peak hours. Or configure to launch backups in a continuous loop, with delays between invocations.
    • Selections – Expanding the Computer section will show you the local volumes and VSS system components that are available for backup selections. If the backup scheduling service is running as an admin user, you can also expand the Network section, which should show the networked computers that are broadcasting their shares over the network.
    • Settings – exposes access to some of the most advanced vaults options and locations, compression, and commands you can run before and after backups.
    • Disk Imaging – allows you to incorporate regularly scheduled native Windows disk backups or system state backups into the backups done by your branded client. 
  • Restore
    • Restore from a local vault  
    • Restore from the offsite vault 
    • Can be filtered for specific time periods 
    • Can also restore from other computers linked by the same account
  • About
    • Help (links to your website)
    • Service Agreement (branded/edited by you, default provided)
  • Storage backend options (fully encrypted)
    • Local network (Local option)
    • Local storage (Local option)
    • AWS S3 (at least one Offsite storage required)
    • Wasabi (at least one Offsite storage required)
    • GCP (at least one Offsite storage required)
    • Windows Server (at least one Offsite storage required)
    • Hybrid (Cloud Offsite [1] + Windows Server Offsite [2] ) (available)
    • Hybrid (Cloud Offsite [1] + Cloud Offsite [2]) (available)
    • [1] Offsite (Cloud or Server) + [1] Local option (recommended)

Web Console Overview

Allows you to easily manage, monitor, and remotely manage all your backup agents and accounts from one location. The web console is a cloud-based web application hosted on AWS auto-scaling infrastructure.  

The primary sections of the Backup Ops Web Console are listed below with brief descriptions, complete details are available from the web console support guide.

  • Brands – Backup Agent Software Installer Builder
  • Storage – monitor storage trends, manage account statuses.
  • Transfers – monitor backup status and activity, view logs, edit selections, and configuration.
  • Remote Manager – Edit, push, and sync configuration changes. Start and Stop backups.
  • Reports and Alerts – create scheduled email reports and set up backup alert emails. 
  • Users – set up custom user access to specific accounts

WholesaleBackup Server Overview

The WholesaleBackup Server software can be installed on all supported Windows Server versions and functions as a self-hosted backup server storage backend for you’re backup agents, as well as the main administration dashboard where you can also manage and monitor accounts and performs server-side data restores. 

Full details for each section of the self-hosted backup server are available here in the WholesaleBackup Server support guide

  • Dashboard
    • Transfers – monitor backup status and activity
    • Storage – monitor storage trends
    • History – monitor backup status and activity, view logs, edit selections, and configuration.
    • Connections – tracks IP’s that connect to the server
    • Accounts – manage account statuses, view logs, edit selections, and configuration.
    • Server – view and monitor stats and performance metrics of server and software
  • Settings
    • Server – Servers FQDN and IP, and User Account. 
    • Local – where the databases and logs are stored and backed up.
    • Email – set up reports and alerts with your own SMTP email settings

Pricing and cost savings as a data backup reseller and WholesaleBackup Partner

Our data backup reseller partner program offers the most competitive pricing available on the market. If you select a cloud storage backend, you only pay the raw cost per GB, and the associated ingress /egress fees (if any) directly to that cloud storage vendor like AWS S3, GCP, or Wasabi. WholesaleBackup does not play a middleman role in marking up any of the cloud storage costs, this benefits our Partners like you, making your businesses more profitable and flexible.

If you plan to host your own data backup solution on a Windows Server in conjunction with the WholesaleBackup Server data backup software installed on it, then you might have no overhead costs if the equipment is capable of handling the traffic loads and initial storage requirements already. Otherwise, you might just need to expand the servers storage planning ahead for customer data backup growth. Feel open to discussing with our team the details of your server, and the internet pipe you have available. Generally, you can get by with something pretty minimal and expand or upgrade as growth requires.

WholesaleBackup Platform and Software Reseller Partnership at-a-glance

Starting at the standard $150 per/mo  you will receive

  • Includes 50 deployment licenses 
  • US-based Support Team and Training
  • Unlimited custom branded data backup software installers
  • Backup Ops Remote Management Web Console
  • Hybrid storage options are available 
  • HIPAA and PCI Compliant 
  • Fully Encrypted 
  • Most competitive storage pricing available on the market

Cost & pricing example scenario:

  • 25 customers each using an average of 50 GB/per month for a total of 1,250 GB per/mo 

Current vendor cloud costs as of July 2021 *Please link to each cloud storage vendor for the most up-to-date pricing available for your own data backup solution.


[cloud storage pricing page: https://aws.amazon.com/s3/pricing/ ] use aws s3 storage as a white label backup reseller

Cost per GB:

$0.023 per GB/mo 1250 GB = $28.75  (+ taxes, API Requests, and Network Fees)

API Requests*:

  • $0.005 per 1,000 requests for PUT, COPY, POST, and LIST requests 
  • $0.0004 per 1,000 requests for GET, SELECT, and all other requests 

Network Fees*:

  • Data Transfer (In)
    • $0.00 per GB (zero cost)
  • Data Transfer (Out):
    • Up to 1 GB / Month $0.00 per GB
    • Next 9.999 TB / Month $0.09 per GB

Estimated scenario total 1250 GB with WholesaleBackup and AWS S3 cloud backend

WholesaleBackup Platform &
Supported Partnership
$ 150.00 

Storage: $ 28.75  +
S3 fees* (Taxes, API Requests, and Network Fees)

Total: $ 178.75 + S3 fees*


[cloud storage pricing page: https://wasabi.com/paygo-pricing-faq/ ] wasabi-backup-client-using-wholesalebackup-white-label-backup

Cost per GB:

$.0059 per GB/mo 1250 GB = $7.375  (+ taxes)

API Requests*:

  • Wasabi does not charge this usage but displays the volume of API requests on your invoice.

Network Fees*:

  • Data Transfer (In): (zero cost)
  • Data Transfer (Out): (zero cost)

Estimated scenario total 1250 GB with WholesaleBackup and Wasabi cloud backend

WholesaleBackup Platform &
Supported Partnership
$ 150.00 

Storage: $ 7.375  +
Wasabi fees* (taxes)

Total: $ 157.38 + Wasabi fees*

GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

[cloud storage pricing page: https://cloud.google.com/storage/pricing ]

Cost per GB: $0.020 per GB 1250 GB = $25.00  (+ taxes, API Requests, and Network Fees)

API Requests*:

  • 10,000 Class A operations * $0.05 per 10,000 operations e.g) PUT, POST, LIST
  • 50,000 Class B operations * $0.004 per 10,000 operations e.g) GET, etc.

Network Fees*: Data Transfer (In): (zero cost)

Data Transfer (Out): 1 GB egress * $0.12 per GB

Estimated scenario total 1250 GB with WholesaleBackup and GCP cloud backend

WholesaleBackup Platform &
Supported Partnership
$ 150.00 

Storage: $ 25.00  +
GCP fees* (Taxes, API Requests, and Network Fees)

Total: $175.00 + GCP fees*

WholesaleBackup Server (self-hosted server) use windows server backup platform as a white label backup reseller

Cost per GB: $0.00 (if your drives and storage are paid for)

API Requests: $0.00 (it’s on your network and internet)

Data Transfer Costs: $0.00 (it’s on your network and internet)

Estimated scenario total 1250 GB with WholesaleBackup and Windows Server backend

WholesaleBackup Platform &
Supported Partnership
$ 150.00 

Storage: $ 000  

Total: $150.00 

WholesaleBackup now supports

Backblaze cloud storage as a backend

We have not been able to run a cost scenario for these options just yet, however, we hear from many of our backup resellers and partners that they are really happy about it.

If you are interested you can learn more about the WholesaleBackup Backblaze cloud backup software here.

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