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If you are looking for an Acronis backup alternative WholesaleBackup might be the perfect fit for your data backup and recovery needs.

WholesaleBackup also offers you several valuable storage options that are unique to its backup platform. The primary one is that you get to decide where to store the remote data vault. It can live on your own servers or select from the fastest and least expensive object storage cloud platforms like Backblaze, Wasabi, AWS S3, or GCP.

This allows WholesaleBackup reseller partners to obtain the most competitive pricing on storage possible, there are zero markups on storage from WholesaleBackup.

If you are hosting the backups on your own server, you would not need to pay any additional storage costs. If you use a cloud storage backend you only pay the raw cost per GB to the vendor directly.


For Service Providers

WholesaleBackup’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) platform is deployed worldwide on +10,000 business servers, performing incremental, encrypted backup and data recovery.

Service Providers use it for protecting customers’ important business files, databases, system images, and even full disk images. When you enable the local speed vault at no extra cost you gain another layer of data protection which allows for faster data recovery.

Data will first be restored from the local block-level storage vault if enabled, otherwise, data will be recovered from the remote server or cloud block-level storage vault.

Service Providers enjoy the flexibility to brand the platform as their own. No co-branding, when the product is deployed the customers will only see your logo. The installer, setup wizard, and disclaimers are all customizable.

As an Acronis backup alternative, Service Providers have access to the Backup Ops web console for central management of their backup accounts, transfers, storage, reporting, and remote management actions. Backup Ops also allows you to build and customize your backup installers for deployment.

As a Backup Reseller Partner, you will be supported by our first-class, US-based team that has earned the respect and praises of so many backup service providers just like you. All of your questions, emails, and phone calls are answered by a team that is dedicated to helping you succeed.


For Businesses

Meeting strict data compliance regulations, managed service providers can rely on WholesaleBackup as an Acronis backup alternative because the data is fully encrypted before, during, and after transfer. The data remains encrypted in the block-level storage vault, and can only be recovered with the encryption key.

As a solid business-class backup solution MSPs can offer BaaS with confidence knowing data can be recovered easily to a new server, workstation, or virtual machine. All you need is the client installer and encryption key.

Additionally, several computers can be linked through a single backup account, offering MSPs the ability to recover data from any of the linked computers. As an example, if a business had 5 computers backing up that were linked through a single account, and computer 3 encountered a major disaster. You could start restoring its data from any of the other 4 computers.


Continuous data protection

WholesaleBackup as an Acronis backup alternative offers you the ability to offer a reliable business continuity solution. The flexible data backup scheduler allows for scheduled daily backups or continuous backups that can start as frequently as you need down to every 15 minutes.

Continuous backup mode sends data much more frequently, the block-level backup engine will scan for any new changes, then identify the new data that needs to be backed up, the incremental backup process also deduplicates the data so that storage is not wasted. New data is turned into encrypted blocks stored and pushed to the local and remote data vaults.

The new improved engine architecture handles full disk images, large databases, and massive quantities of files much faster than ever before, with improved multi-threading technology, and intelligent rolling differential versioning technology.

Differential Scan Algorithm and multi-threaded backup processing

File and disk-image backup

When it comes to file and disk-image backup, you will be amazed at the performance, speed, and simplicity of the Backup as a Service Acronis backup alternative – WholesaleBackup can offer you. Not only in the reliability of the data backups but with the flexibility of the settings.

You can tailor the backup software for MSPs to be as lean or comprehensible as you want, for example configuring the data retention policy on the fly will allow you to adjust as needed for your customer, perhaps they only need a 2-week roll-backup period, but someone else wants 1-month, or more, this is not a problem. Paired with that you can also configure how many versions of files you want to retain. This is good when you have a customer with frequent changes on the same file that’s being backed up regularly.

It’s also easy to exclude particular folders from being backed up that are not important, you can do this from the software, or remotely from the web console, along with any other configuration changes you need.

white label the backup platform and label as your own

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the backup software do bare metal restores?2023-01-17T01:07:58+00:00

Yes, the backup software will generate bare-metal disk images used to recover a system through a Windows Recovery Environment or make a system state image that can be used to roll the server settings back to a previous good state.

Can I link multiple computers to a single account name and password?2023-01-17T01:07:33+00:00

Yes, this is a common practice when you have several computers at the same location and you want to manage them through a single account name and password, the computers will be uniquely identifiable by their computer names when monitoring and restoring data.

Can I restore data from one computer to a different computer?2023-01-17T01:06:51+00:00

Yes, you can install the backup client installer on the destination computer using the same account_name and password combination used on the other computer. Hit the “Refresh” button on the Restore tab, and select data to recover.

Can I remotely manage the Windows Client backup software?2023-01-17T01:06:06+00:00

The backup management web console includes the remote manager that allows you to interact with a deployed backup client make changes and perform actions.

Can I use the backup software in conjunction with RMM software?2023-01-17T01:05:32+00:00

The backup software’s scheduler service and the backup engine will write Information, Warning, and Error events into the Event Viewer’s application logs.  So if you are using RMM software that can read events from customer computers, you can use it to check for particular events, or as another way to monitor customer backup accounts. 

Where is the data stored when using the Windows client backup software?2023-01-17T01:03:48+00:00

By default, all data is stored offsite, during the backup process it will be encrypted and transmitted to your WholesaleBackup Server and stored in a vault using the server’s storage. If you enable local backups a storage vault will be provisioned onsite, using the computer’s attached or networked storage.

Does the Windows Backup Server allow me to remotely configure my backups?2022-10-04T04:03:39+00:00

Yes, you have the ability to update backup settings, schedules, and configurations, and sync those changes remotely from the self-hosted Windows Backup Server software and even from your included cloud-based Backup Ops web console.

How do I monitor my backups with the Windows Backup Server software?2022-10-04T04:03:12+00:00

The Windows Backup Server software is designed for backup service providers, offering helpful views so at a glance you can see who is actively connected, or when an account was last backed up, in addition to storage metrics and account administration functions. Another popular method is setting up the integrated email reporting service for receiving status updates about your backup accounts.

What types of computers can I back up with the software?2022-10-04T04:02:38+00:00

If you are running a self-hosted Windows Backup Server from WholesaleBackup you have the ability to perform continuous, encrypted, incremental backups, and disk imaging for any Windows Servers, including MySQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Windows Desktop Workstations, Windows Laptops and Tablets, macOS Servers, macOS Workstations, macOS Laptops such Mac Book Pros.

What storage options does the Windows Backup Server software connect to?2022-10-04T04:01:36+00:00

The Windows Backup Server software will pair with all common types of storage that connect to a Windows Server. The most popular types are Direct attached storage – DAS, Storage area network – SAN, and Network attached storage – NAS. The benefit of this type of storage is that you have full control over the storage because you own it, and you will not be paying monthly storage fees to a third-party vendor, that chip away at the profitability of your backup service.

What type of Windows Backup Server software does WholesaleBackup carry?2022-10-04T03:58:30+00:00

The Windows Backup Server software is engineered to be installed and run on any mainstream Windows Server operating systems releases, such as Server 2012, Server 2016, Server 2019, and Server 2022. It’s most commonly used by MSPs, service providers, and resellers, who are managing their own servers and self-hosting their customers’ business data backups. The setup is scalable allowing you to add more “of your own” storage incrementally as your data needs grow.

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