WholesaleBackup Is a Solid Cove Backup Alternative

What is Cove Backup?

Cove Backup Alternative

The Recent Price Hike Is Driving Users To Seek an Alternative to Cove Backup

Cove backup resellers recently received a letter informing them about the 10% price increase.

While this might not sound like a big deal at first. It can really add up when you take everything else into account, like inflation, the economy, energy prices, stock prices, etc.

MSPs and Backup Service Providers rely on these tight margins to justify the time and energy involved to offer a cloud-first backup solution to their customers.

Thus that 10% increase is now driving technology professionals like you to find a cove backup alternative, with similar or equivalent functionality, at a more competitive price point.

cove backup price increase

Some Buzz Online From Folks Seeking a Cove Backup Alternative

“We are putting a pause on migration with N-ables 10% jack for lack of dev on products in general.” – [src]

“IMHO community pressure needs to be applied to the Cove team to make deleting backups harder.” – [src]

“Currently using cove Backup and looking for an alternative for direct to cloud backup” – [src]

“The Inability to restore to “another location” other than the local C: drive of the computer you are administering from.”

“Not easy to setup if you want passing clients to run a free trial and download the software and create their own account without contacting someone in Administration.” [src]

online comments about cove backup

About WholesaleBackup – We Are Also a Hybrid Cloud-First Backup Solution

We do all these things that Cove Backup does

  • Protects servers
  • Protects workstations
  • Cloud storage included (actually we have a better option, use your own cloud storage, zero mark-ups costs)
  • No proprietary appliance needed
  • Unified, multitenant dashboard
  • No local backup storage is needed (we recommend enabling the local speed vault for faster restores at no extra cost to you)
  • Backup archiving at no extra charge
  • Flexible recovery
  • All-in cost (SaaS management + cloud storage included) We differ here, you pay a few dollars per month per agent. We don’t bill you for storage, you can select your favorite Object storage from S3, Google, Wasabi, and Backblaze cloud storage and only pay for the storage used. Some have free egress fees.
  • We’ve been developing MSP cloud backup software for over 15 years.

A few additional things worth mentioning.

The WholesaleBackup SaaS platform is regulatory compliant. Data is fully encrypted before, during, and after transit to the local and remote vaults.

The intelligent deduplication and incremental backup process allow you to drastically cut down and save on your object storage usage.

You have full control over scheduled or continuous backup settings, as well as, retention and archiving.

wholesalebackup hybrid cloud-first backup solution

How We Can Help Solve Your Backup Software Needs

Who We Serve

WholesaleBackup serves and supports a global partner network of resellers composed of MSPs, IT Professionals, Network Firms, IT computer repair shops, and entrepreneurs.

As a reseller, you can fully brand the customer-facing backup software as your own.

Resellers deliver backup and recovery services to many industries and sectors such as:

  • Small to medium-sized business
  • Schools and Universities
  • Doctors & medical offices
  • Dental & orthodontic offices
  • POS software
  • Legal firms
  • Logistic companies
  •  Software firms
  • Civic and Government institutions
  • Accounting firms
  • SQL Databases
  • Microsoft Servers
  • Exchange Servers
  • Housing groups and organizations
  • Realtors
  • Marketing firms
  • etc …

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Label & Launch Your Backup Software in 5 Mins

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How Can We Help?

The team at WholesaleBackup is happy to listen and share their backup & recovery expertise spanning over 15 years of business-class backup software solutions for resellers, MSPs, and IT Pros. If you are ready to begin building a more profitable and reliable backup service you’re in the right place.

  • Learn how to get started with labeling & deploying your own backup service
  • See how to schedule, run backups, and restore data
  • Understand how to remotely manage and monitor end-user’s backups
  • Get any questions you have addressed

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