15 Benefits of White Label Online Cloud Backup Software

WholesaleBackup Self-Hosted Backup ServerThe WholesaleBackup platform for resellers is geared towards easy setup, reliable performance, and easy management with an affordable overall cost.

Using established and cutting-edge technologies, WholesaleBackup creates a reliable, secure online backup system. If you’ve ever wondered “what exactly is white label backup“?  In simple terms — it helps protect customer data while giving you the opportunity to resell online backup by offering a profitable online backup service advantageous to both you and clients.

WholesaleBackup can be installed and self-hosted on your Windows server infrastructure, whether real or virtual. Or go with a white label cloud backup solution  — selecting a simple object storage backend, and linking it with the backup software. By using proven technologies, we give our partners the best uptime and the most reliable technology in the industry …

1. NAS Online Backup

Most SMBs keep important data on NAS devices, so they must back up these devices to stop disasters, such as ransomware attacks, from deleting their data. Our white label backup agent can securely back up all data stored on NAS devices to an outside location.

2. VM, Email Server, Database Backup

Backup of VMware/Hyper-V VMs, MS Exchange email server, and SQL/MySQL remain our top sellers, so many of your clients should still require them.

3. Zero-Config Install

The white label backup software offers you a lower cost of deployment, and self-service end-user installs. Through custom pre-configured dynamic selections, custom pre-configured INI settings, dynamic filtering using regular expressions, self-configuring schedule,  auto-tuning for performance.

4. Instant Data Restore

Less downtime for customers gives you an advantage over other backup and legacy online backup solutions. Instantly have large files, get servers, databases, & workstations running quickly, with ease-of-use speedy data recovery.

5. Secure and Standards Compliant (PCI DSS, HIPAA)

A wider range of backup services (e.g. healthcare and finances) can be targeted, with less risk. Built with AES-256 encryption for file operations both on the client and server, unlike existing tools which only encrypt after storing on the device.

6. Realtime File Integrity Check

Business-class reliability of restores. Avoid loss of business and/or liability claims from faulty restores. Side-by-side installation with other backup technologies. Higher reliability than legacy solutions. Changed files are re-created in full on the server at backup time, so checksums are possible in real-time, ensuring file integrity;  legacy products can not do checksums as they only store differentials. File checksums are used instead of operating system flags (often used by legacy products) for less application conflict and to ensure that changed files are always backed up

7. Centralized Web Management

The Backup Ops web console gives you lower cost of ownership. Faster response to customer issues. Higher value service to customers. Easy access to diagnostic and management features via a familiar Microsoft Windows or macOS interface. Realtime status updates on backups and restores. Color-coded, re-sortable flagging and highlighting of exceptions. Alerts engine can email customers based on per-customer alert thresholds.

8. Open Standards Cloud Deployment Ready

Easy integration into your environment. Take advantage of the lowest storage and hosting prices. Scale up and out without massive investment. If Self-Hosting with Microsoft Windows server means you can deploy on a real or virtual environment. Intelligent Load-Balancing built in for scaling horizontally. Deployed on Amazon EC2, VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle VM Server, as well as real servers.

9. Intelligent De-duping, Compression, and Differentials

Offering you lower customer costs via less bandwidth usage. Wider customer reach (i.e. you can backup larger datasets with less bandwidth). Less storage usage. Server-side de-duping on a per-client basis. Dynamic (based on customers’ real-time tested upload bandwidth) self-tuning compression and differentials determine optimal settings per each file.

10. SQL-Server Auto-Backup

The simplified backup of SQL-Server Databases lowers TCO and speeds deployment through intelligent detection of SQL-Server. Pre-programmed selections of SQL-Server databases to exclude model and demo databases, but include Master and other databases.

11. Made-for-OEM Client

You get higher perceived value through the use of your brand. Integration into existing software or service offering lowers barriers to adoption. Title, help, app name, icon, licensing, selections, and logo are ready-for-OEM. Every upgrade to our client automatically generates a release for all OEM builds as well.  Small businesses often have difficulty competing with well-known brands due to lack of staff and funds. A white-label product can be the solution for them. MSPs and SMBs can add their own logo and sell at a higher price, leading to faster growth.

12. State-of-the-Art Filtering and File Selections

Speed installations and complex configurations. Enhanced reliability via exclusion of junk files. Less client touches lead to lower TCO. Full Regular Expression library support for selection, exclusion, compression, and differentials allows fine-grained control over what’s selected, excluded, compressed, and/or diffed. The client can ship with custom selections per your specifications for zero-config installs by customers

13.  Cloud Storage Reseller White Labeling

backblaze cloud backup software client from wholesalebackup

Select your cloud storage backend from the top cloud storage providers like AWS S3, Google GCP, Wasabi, and Backblaze. You only pay the exact cost per GB and related ingress/egress fees depending on the providers you select. WholesaleBackup will never mark-up or add additional costs to your cloud storage.  Allowing you to start offering white label cloud backup services. All facets of the client and server are built to handle extremely large file sets (into the millions of files) per client machine

14. Simple Licensing

Benefit to you is that the costs scale with profits. You get predictable costs for your budgeting cycles. The licensing is based on the number of clients you deploy, period.

15. US-Based Live Support

You’ll receive simple communication. Faster problem resolution. Less headache and frustration. USA based experts answer the phones and have access to the developers for fast and accurate problem resolution. Support staff have ten years of experience in online backup and online backup operations.

What is the online backup reseller program?

This is where you partner with WholesaleBackup branding the white label online cloud backup software with your company and logo, and we support you in the background. We can help you build solid backup strategies for offering and selling a business-class backup solution to your business customers, and suggest pricing that will net you the highest recurring monthly  revenue while keeping your cost to a minimum.  That’s why we say “Your Brand, Our Technology: Total Success!” The WholesaleBackup reseller program lets you earn money by selling online backup. It’s ideal for those wanting to start their own company or add an excellent extra service to current products. White Label Online Cloud Backup Software

Do you have backup software for MSPs?

Yes, MSPs worldwide are utilizing WholesaleBackup using our backup solutions for msps . We’ve been offering to SMBs for 15 years through a channel partner network of MSPs, tech consulting firms, computer repair, ISPs, and tech pros who specialize in Break-Fix, Networking, and ISV. We started many years ago as an online backup company. We soon saw the need for new technology and new methods to meet our customers’ data backup requirements. This initiated the development of our own white label online backup platform, providing other online backup resellers the capability to deliver enhanced backup and recovery services. We also have a online backup reseller guide to help you get started.

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