What is “White Label Online Backup”?

We get a lot of questions about what we mean when we say white-label online backup. Simply put, “white labeling” means that we don’t put our brand on our backup software, and instead put your brand on our online backup software, so your clients see an application that runs under your name, and has your logo.

In the case of our Platform we allow you to Brand an Online Backup Solution, and customize the following fields:

  • Logo image
  • Application title (appears on the top right of the application when it’s running)
  • Application name (This is the name on the application when it’s running, or in the task manager)
  • Installer Title
  • Installer splash pages
  • help URL (our server automatically puts up a help page for you!)
  • license agreement

White Label Online Backup the WholesaleBackup way!

Then we do some things that the competition does not!

WholesaleBackup also gives you the ability to customize what’s initially selected for backup as well – so that means when the installer runs, it automatically selects certain files for backup based on your custom specifications. This is a large timesaver, as you can opt to select files that could be very hard for an end-user to find, or make a build that’s set up to back up a certain application only (are you listening software vendors?  Offer embedded backup!). Along with our other competitive unique features, our low startup costs, and low licensing costs, you can’t go wrong by trying it out.

WholesaleBackup also updates your custom client with each new build that we produce. Because we use modern software development methods like Agile / Scrum, we deliver rapid updates to our white label backup software, and you always will have a fresh install ready to go.

What other White Label Online Backup does not offer

Do you want to install your own server or integrate backup into your own environment, or customize your own server, or provide a service that assures your customers that you personally secure their data? Many so-called white label backup vendors only allow you to backup to their servers, not deploy your own backup server, and this is where we stand alone: using our Quick Installation Guide you can have your own white label online backup server and white label client set up and running in minutes.

What do you want to do next?