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Stuck with no support for Windows 8, Windows 10 or Server 2012 with LogMeIn Backup?

LogMeIn Backup Alternative from WholesaleBackup (Free Trial)

List Windows Operating Systems not supported by LogMeInBackup

List of Windows Operating Systems not supported by LogMeInBackup

LogMeIn Backup not Supporting Windows 8, Windows 10, or Server 2012

If you’re using LogMeIn Backup currently then you’re likely aware they are not going to be supporting the latest Windows OS’s, which is a big problem for their resellers.

Response from LogMeIn Product Specialist in the product forum

Response from LogMeIn Backup Product Specialist in the LogMeIn product forum

Luckily WholesaleBackup has you covered

We build cloud based online backup software for Resellers, MSPs and VARs,

We have been selling and supporting online backup service providers for more than ten years.


If you’re looking to make a change and migrate to a platform that fully supports Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows SBS (Small Business Server) 2012, then get started with a WholesaleBack Remote Backup Solution we have free trials available.

Choose the model below that best fits your needs and build out your own white label LogMeIn Backup alternative

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