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Disk Imaging and BMR with Cloud or Server Backup 2017-03-16T20:25:39+00:00

Disk Imaging, System State Backups and BMR (Bare Metal Restore) included with the Cloud & Server Backup Software

Backup SQL and Exchange to the Cloud or Server

Our software allows you to incorporate regularly scheduled native Windows disk backups into the backups from your branded client. We leverage the wbadmin command that is built in to Windows to make bare-metal disk images that are usable to recover a system through a Windows Recovery Environment.

In the case of a loss or failure and you need to restore a computer from scratch you can remotely back up a Windows Disk Image from offsite.

You can also choose to generate and backup a Windows System State Backup.

You also have to options to choose when you want to push a copy of the Disk Image or System State Backup to your offsite vault storage in the cloud on AWS S3 Storage, Google Cloud Storage or to your own hosted location leveraging the WholesaleBackup Windows Backup Server.

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