US Based Support

WholesaleBackup offers customers US-based support and an excellent private label backup solution that gives you the option to backup to the cloud or your own server(s).

Our online backup resellers love the fact that they can call our tech support during US business hours, and reach a live person to speak with.


Free Support: Email Us. Call Us. It’s Free.

WholesaleBackup’s online backup software is easy to use, and our documentation is very comprehensive. However, we know that sometimes you still might need some assistance. That’s why we offer free support via email, and phone and can also remotely assist you while you watch. Whether you have a question on installation, restoring files, or just a general question about performing a backup to the Cloud or your own Server our support teams are here to help. We also offer remote assistance installations.


How Can We Help?

The team at WholesaleBackup is happy to listen and share their backup & recovery expertise spanning over 15 years of business-class backup software solutions for resellers, MSPs, and IT Pros. If you are ready to begin building a more profitable and reliable backup service you’re in the right place.

  • Learn how to get started with labeling & deploying your own backup service
  • See how to schedule, run backups, and restore data
  • Understand how to remotely manage and monitor end-user’s backups
  • Get any questions you have addressed

Take a minute to fill out the form and we’ll follow up with you about your request. For a quicker response start a conversation in the chat.

Get Started Now

Simply pick a backup platform
AWS S3, Wasabi, Backblaze, Google (GCP), or Self-Hosted Windows Server

You’ll only pay the raw cost of the data used on the cloud storage platform directly, we never mark up cloud storage backup costs so you can maximize revenue when pricing your online backup service.

Use Amazon S3 Cloud Storage
with WholesaleBackup white label cloud storage backup software

cloud storage reseller white label backup solution using amazon s3 cloud storage with wholesalebackup cloud backup software

Use Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage
with WholesaleBackup white label cloud storage backup software


Use Backblaze Cloud Storage
with WholesaleBackup white label cloud storage backup software

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