Mozy Has Now Been Acquired by Carbonite

With “The Carbonite acquisition of Mozy from a subsidiary of Dell Technologies Inc. for $145.8 million in cash brings together two of the first cloud backup players in the field. Mozy will help Carbonite continue to build out its data protection portfolio and bring it more business customers…” [src]

WholesaleBackup Is Offering the Mozy Carbonite Alternative

If you are looking for a Mozy Carbonite Alternative, we’ve been working with IT Consulting Firms, MSPs, and other Backup Service Providers who are being forced to migrate their Mozy accounts to Carbonite and they are not happy about it.

Not only do they have to downgrade to Carbonite, but they have to manually migrate every endpoint in order to do so. So lots of them are taking the opportunity to check out alternatives if they have to reinstall all their clients anyway.

Supporting Backup Resellers That Are Migrating Away

isometric data center concept mozy carbonite alternative

We are currently supporting many partners and resellers who ended up in situations such as this -> “Wow that’s good to know. How are you reselling it though? The partner program only allows the enterprise. I’ve been grandfathered into their program for a while now and I don’t see any option for the small business license.” [src] 

If you’re in this situation we’re here to help, and you can quickly use these links to check our pricing, spin up a trial now, or contact our all-US team for more information:

Discover the game-changing alternative to Mozy-Carbonite – WholesaleBackup’s powerful backup solution. As technology partners catering to businesses’ diverse data backup needs, you understand the significance of offering reliable and flexible backup services. Our WholesaleBackup solution addresses the limitations of traditional cloud-based backups, providing you with enhanced features and benefits to better serve your clients.

Distinguish yourselves from the competition by providing a hybrid backup solution with WholesaleBackup. Unlike Mozy and Carbonite, which solely rely on cloud storage, our platform offers a unique blend of local and cloud backups. Your clients can enjoy the advantages of both worlds – rapid data recovery from local backups and the added safety of off-site redundancy through cloud replication. This multi-layered approach ensures maximum data protection, assuring your clients of uninterrupted business continuity.

Empower your clients with more control over their data and privacy. WholesaleBackup eliminates reliance on third-party servers, allowing you to implement the solution within your clients’ premises or private data centers. This level of data sovereignty resonates with businesses operating in highly regulated industries or those with sensitive data, as they maintain compliance with regulatory standards more effectively.

As resellers, MSPs, and IT firms, we understand the significance of optimizing your clients’ IT budgets. WholesaleBackup offers a cost-efficient model with a one-time license fee, saving your clients from recurring subscription payments. This value-oriented approach allows your clients to allocate resources to other crucial aspects of their business while ensuring their data remains secure and accessible.

With WholesaleBackup’s Mozy-Carbonite alternative, you can confidently offer your clients a robust and versatile backup solution tailored to their unique needs. Differentiate your services with a hybrid approach that delivers superior data protection and efficiency. Partner with us to transform your backup offerings and solidify your position as a trusted IT partner, ready to tackle any data protection challenges your clients may face. Let WholesaleBackup revolutionize your backup services and empower your clients with the best in data security and peace of mind.

Get started and launch your own business-grade fully brandable offsite backup solution, and much more affordable. We are the Mozy Carbonite Alternative solution!