Elevate Your Backup Management with the Newly Released Remote Management for the WholesaleBackup Web Console


Now you can preform Remote Management of the offsite backup solution in real-time.

The WholesaleBackup Web Console

In today’s fast-paced digital world, efficient and reliable data backup management is crucial for any business. Understanding this need, WholesaleBackup is excited to announce the release of our latest innovation – the WholesaleBackup Web Console – Remote Manager. This powerful cloud-based tool is designed to revolutionize how you manage and monitor backup operations for your customers.

A Glimpse Into the Web Console’s Capabilities

In this video, we do a quick overview of the Backup Ops Web Console from WholesaleBackup. Covering all of the main features. – Dashboard – Brands – Storage – Transfers – Remote Manager – Servers – Users – Reports & Email

The Backup Management Web Console, also known as Back Ops, is your gateway to managing your backup business seamlessly from any web browser. It’s designed to offer real-time insights into all aspects of your customer’s data backup processes. With this intuitive platform, you can:

  • Monitor Backup Processes in Real-Time: Stay updated with live feeds of backup activities, ensuring that every critical data set is safely backed up as scheduled.
  • Access Storage Metrics: Crucial for accurate billing, the Web Console provides detailed storage metrics, helping you make informed decisions about resource allocation and pricing.
  • Receive Alerts and Notifications: Customizable alerts keep you informed about the status of ongoing backups, including any issues or successful completions.
  • Adjust Backup Client Settings Remotely: The console empowers you to modify settings and backup selections of your white label backup client remotely, offering unmatched convenience and flexibility.

Enhanced Account Management and Operational Insights

One of the standout features of the Web Console is its ability to provide a comprehensive view of your backup operations. This includes:

  • Detailed Reports: Generate insightful reports that help you understand usage patterns, backup trends, and more, enabling you to optimize your service offerings.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: The user-friendly dashboard provides a snapshot of your entire backup landscape, making it easier to manage multiple accounts efficiently.
  • Key Insights for Decision Making: Leverage the console’s analytics to make data-driven decisions that enhance your backup services and customer satisfaction.

Cost-Effective Solution Included in Your Subscription

What makes the WholesaleBackup Web Console even more appealing is its cost-effectiveness. This advanced management tool is included in your monthly subscription without any additional charges. It’s part of our commitment to providing value-added services that support the growth and success of your backup business.

Streamlining Your Backup Services

The WholesaleBackup Web Console is more than just a management tool; it’s a strategic asset that enhances your operational efficiency, improves client satisfaction, and drives business growth. By offering a full-circle view of your backup operations and allowing for proactive management, the Web Console sets a new standard in backup management solutions.

Enhance Your Backup Management with the New Remote Manager in the WholesaleBackup Web Console


WholesaleBackup is proud to announce the latest addition to our Web Console – the Remote Manager. This innovative feature, updated a year ago, brings a new level of control and efficiency to your backup management tasks.

Key Features of the Remote Manager

  1. Remote Command Execution: Easily start or stop backups, restart services, sync settings, and utilize the new feature to reform databases directly from the Web Console. With a simple selection from the dropdown menu and a click of the “Run” button, you can send commands to your backup service remotely.
  2. Real-Time Updates and Status Monitoring: Stay informed with live status updates from the backup engine on remote computers. The activity column in the Remote Manager tab displays color-coded statuses, similar to those in the Transfers tab, for success, warnings, and errors.
  3. Efficient Database Management: The ‘Reform DBs’ command allows for effective database maintenance. Ensure the backup client’s engine is idle before initiating this command for optimal performance.
  4. System Health and Status Indicators: Monitor the “Last Service Update” to check the frequency of check-ins, view the “Engine” status to see if the backup software is running processes, and observe the CPU and Memory usage for insights into the system load.
  5. Comprehensive Remote Management Table: Gain detailed insights with columns like Computer, Account, Brand, and more. Customize your view with the column toggle feature to display the information most relevant to you.
  6. Subuser Access Control: Empower your team by granting subusers access to the Remote Manager tab, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Future Expectations

Looking ahead, the Remote Manager feature will continue to evolve, with plans to include remote restore capabilities, a user interface for INI settings adjustments, and more. remote restore functionality is now operational, and GUI-based settings changes are readily available.

The WholesaleBackup Web Console’s Remote Manager is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and delivering advanced tools that empower you to manage backups more effectively and efficiently.

Please take a look at the support document for full details.