A new feature in version “” of the WholesaleBackup client is the ability to specify distinct backup sets for each backup day

In particular the client has been extended to include (a) straight-forward enhancements to the selection file to specify distinct selections for various combinations of days, (b) a simple extension to the INI file to change default definition for weekdays and the weekend, and (c) a pull-down menu on the Backup->Selections tab indicating which backup set one is editing, and (d) a hyper-text link indicating which selection is being edited/shown with more details available in a popup window when the link is clicked on.

screenshot of backup client interface

specify distinct backup sets for each backup day

At the top of the window one can select which day one is making selections for. Most users use the same backup selections every day, which is the default ‘Everyday’, however, there are times when one only wants to backup data offsite for certain files on certain days (for example a large database or Microsoft Exchange might only be backed up on weekends).
The backup client can end up using multiple selection sets for any given day, though when you select a day/set in the user interface you are editing only that set. So, as an example, if the day the backup has been launched on is a Saturday, then in the user interface, you will be editing just those selections unique to that day, but the engine will do the following
1. If selections have been specified for ‘Saturday’, then those selections will be used.
2. If there are selections for ‘Weekend’, then those selections will be used as well.
3. If there are selections for ‘Everyday’ then those selections will be used as well.

The .SEL selections file now contains distinct sections corresponding to the distinct daily backup selection sets one can specify on the Backup->Selections tab in the pull-down menu. These sections are:

[Everyday], [Sunday], [Monday], [Tuesday], [Wednesday], [Thursday], [Friday], [Saturday], [Weekdays], and [Weekend]. Below is an example of different selections for Tuesday and Wednesday:

      + \?E:test#123judy2.rtf
      + \?E:test#123zach.rtf
Pre-existing .SEL files will work seamlessly without any user action as all the selections will be assumed to be for ‘Everyday’, and will be written in the new format when the “Save” button is applied in the GUI (which will result in all pre-existing selections being written to the new [Everyday] section.
NOTE: International customers can change the definition of Weekend (which defaults to Saturday & Sunday) and Weekdays using the INI keywords weekend and weekday (which default to 06 and 12345 respectively, where 0=Sunday, 1=Monday, etc.).
Lastly, when an end user clicks on the link for help text, the following is displayed:
screenshot of backup software user interface

Notification message explaining about multiple backup sets.